The Detex EasyKit catalog number specifies everything you need for virtually any application, with one price and no problems. Illustrated here is the AODx10ERx1S-1 Automatically Operated Door EasyKit, which integrates the Advantex latch retraction exit device with Detex’s low energy, automatic operator with pre-wired, built-in latch retraction power supply. Also included are two wireless ADA activation buttons, a power transfer, code-compliant signage and an easy-to-follow wiring diagram, helping make installation easy and mistake-free. The Detex AODx10ERx1S-1 was designed by our customers for applications at assisted living homes, airports, healthcare, shopping centers and any application where access control and a low-energy, automatic operator is required. Choose a pre-wired EasyKit System, or work with Detex to create your custom EasyKit.