Detex EAX-300 Door Prop Alarm

Feb. 16, 2012
ISC West 2016 Booth #22103

Door prop alarms are low-cost, desirable solutions to propped open doors. Helping keep energy costs down by ensuring the doors are closed, they also serve a vital security need. Sounding when a door is left open too long, door prop alarms help ensure access control systems are used as intended.

The EAX-300 Battery Powered Door Prop Alarm from Detex is designed for applications where doors may be used but not held or propped open. An intelligent circuit senses the external magnet location automatically, sounding an alarm when the door has been open too long, and automatically rearms when the door has been closed again.

The EAX-300 consists of secure, tamper resistant housing, a 100 decibel alarm, and LED visual arming indicators. It is powered by a 9VDC battery and features a low battery alert. The EAX-300 is built so that it can be mounted on the door, including on narrow stile doors, or on the wall.

Many options are available, including Key Stop (always armed when key removed), Status Indicator, gray or black housing color, and kits for wall mounting.

A weatherized version of the EAX-300 is available for use on gates or doors that are outdoors or exposed to the elements. Weatherized electronics are certified to driving rain and salt fog testing. For the weatherized battery-powered door prop alarm, simply specify EAX-300W.