Advantex Weatherized Latch Retraction Exit device (ER EX W) from Detex

May 6, 2019
For outdoor access control application where a panic exit device is required

The Advantex Latch Retraction Exit device (ER EX) is now available in a weatherized option. The Detex weatherized latch retraction (ER EX W) is a great option for outdoor access control application where a panic exit device is required.

Perfect for outdoor gates in amusement parks, garden centers, lumber yards, courtyards, and other exterior applications as well as interior applications that get wet, the Advantex Latch Retraction can be configured for single and pairs of doors.  Detex also offers gate plates with adjustable strike locators, allowing exit devices to be custom fit to just about any gate application. Detex’s Advantex weatherized latch retraction exit device is just the newest addition to the proven list of Detex weatherized door alarms, weatherized exit control locks, weatherized exit devices, weatherized delayed egress and weatherized guard tour products.

For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of architects and owners who rely on Detex products for the life safety and security of people and property. A USA company, Detex designs, manufactures, markets and ships products from New Braunfels, Texas. Detex Corporation is known internationally for life safety and security door hardware, loss prevention and architectural hardware, integrated door security systems, and guard tour verification.