Data Import Utility Released for HID Solo EdgeReader, EdgePlus Devices

Oct. 17, 2007
Middleware Associates release utility for free to schools, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies

October 10, 2007, Cincinnati, Ohio -- Middleware Associates has developed a Solo Import Utility that eliminates manual data entry into HID Global Edge Solo devices. Integrators and End Users can easily use the utility to automatically map first name, last name, card format, badge number, and schedules from an Excel file and import all records at the click of a button, saving hours of manual data entry. The Solo Import Utility is ideal for large corporations, property management firms and others who require importing a subset of data from a facility or enterprise access control system into several different HID Edge Solo devices. It is also ideal for schools and hospitals and small to mid size companies who are migrating from a legacy system to one or two Solo devices and for companies who have hundreds and thousands of branches, such as banking and retail chain stores.

HID Global designed the Solo Edge device as an excellent web-based single door solution for access control. Middleware Associates’ designed the Solo Import Utility to provide simple data input eliminating hours of manual data entry by providing a simple-to-use software program that runs on Microsoft Windows. With a few clicks of a mouse a user can import all cardholder information from an Excel spreadsheet into a Solo device.

The Solo Import Utility is offered free of charge to all educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and Federal, State and Local government agencies when the Solo device is purchased from Middleware Associates. It is also free to any end user or systems integrator with the purchase of 10 or more Solo units from Middleware Associates. The HID Solo device can be upgraded to work as an integrated multiple reader access control solution that works with the Edge Responder access control solution from Middleware Associates.

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