3H Technology Secures Premises with Brivo ACS WebService

Oct. 5, 2006
Flexible solution aids transition to new space and makes day-to-day management effortless

Bethesda, MD, September 23, 2006 – Brivo Systems, the leader in Web applications for access control and security systems, today announced that 3H Technology uses Brivo's ACS WebService to secure the premises of their rapidly growing company. The Brivo econtrol Online Access Control system secures external and internal doors and manages access for more than 250 employees, sub-lease tenants, vendors, and visitors. 3H has installed six ACS4000 and ACS5000 panels, controlling more than 20 readers.

"The Brivo system is very user-friendly, very intuitive," said Dan Aide, 3H Technology's Facilities Manager. Aide has programmed the system to send him a daily email summarizing all the previous day's access activity. Upon arrival each morning, he does a quick check and follows up on any suspicious or irregular activity. Aide continued, "It takes five minutes, it's not time-consuming or tedious at all. We're a software company and this is a great application. We've been very pleased with the effectiveness and ease-of-use of the system."

ACS WebService, Brivo's Web-hosted access control solution, leverages the power and versatility of redundant, 24/7 data centers to provide total control and real-time visibility of events. Also, Brivo ACS WebService is the first access control solution that gives customers the choice of secure wireless wide-area networking, wired Ethernet connectivity or Wi-Fi options. With no software installation, no server set-up, and no IT hassles, panel programming takes minutes, not hours. The entire system is administered over the Web from virtually any browser from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

By reviewing the summary email each day, Aide or another administrator is able to check all activity for the previous day—who came in late at night, who the first person in was and at what time they arrived, which areas were accessed and at what time, and valid or failed access events to secure areas. In a few short minutes, Aide is able to check all this vital information and then follow up with individual employees or supervisors as needed.

3H has set up their system to provide specific access to doors and areas and at specific times to several different groups within the company or those needing access to the building—groups of employees, contractors, sub-lease tenants, cleaning staff, delivery companies, and more. Setting up groups with specific areas of access and times of access is as easy as navigating a well-designed website on the Web-hosted system. The system is accessible anywhere there is a Web connection, even remotely.

"I regularly check the system from home," said Aide. "Once, I saw that someone, a contractor, was in the building who shouldn't be. I drove down, asked the person to leave, and promptly changed their card to reflect the correct access privileges."

In addition to being easy to operate and a highly effective management tool, Brivo ACS WebService has assisted 3H as they experience a period of rapid growth. The company was formerly located in leased space. They acquired their own building and had to transition to the new location over several months. During this period, Aide effectively managed Brivo's applications in both locations, over the Internet. The experience also gave him a chance to compare his Brivo system with the access control system 3H inherited in the new building. "The former system was very cumbersome to run reports, not at all intuitive, and we had to use special software to control it—it wasn't a Web-based system."

To date, the 3H experience has been a good one, and they look to expand the number of doors controlled and possibly integrate with video surveillance in the future. More importantly, Aide and his team have been able to use ACS WebService productively and effectively—right out of the box. "I love the system, it was very easy to learn. I know there is a help function, but even with just the initial training, I've probably needed the help function only two or three times."

"We are pleased to see that 3H has been able to continue to grow with our systems over the years. The fact that our application gets such high marks from a sophisticated technology company like 3H means a great deal to us," commented Steven Van Till, President and COO of Brivo Systems.