New Alternate Throughbolt Option for Best 9K Lock Series

Oct. 2, 2006
New throughbolt option expands versatility of 9K lock series, enhancing retrofit capabilities

Indianapolis, IN – September 25, 2006 – Best Access Systems, a division of Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of integrated access and security solutions, today announced the introduction of an Alternate Throughbolt (ATB) option for the BEST® 9K® locks. The new ATB option expands the versatility of the BEST® 9K® Lock Series as it enhances the retrofit and keying retrofit capabilities.

"The ATB option eliminates a critical barrier to sales as doors prepped for a cylindrical lock with a throughbolt spacing of 2 ľ" can now be easily retrofitted." said Hank McKay, product manager for Stanley Security Solutions. "Ultimately, providing the ATB option will allow customers to easily replace a door's existing lock with a BEST® 9K® Lock that is tailored for the door's existing configuration, minimizing the time and cost associated with the installation."

Retrofit Capabilities:

Traditional BEST® Cylindrical Locks utilize a 2-35/64" spacing, whereas many commercial grade cylindrical locksets utilize a throughbolt hole spacing of 2 ľ". This small difference in spacing presents a significant problem during a retrofit because the hole locations intersect, making it difficult to accurately prepare a door for a BEST® Lock. The BEST® 9K® ATB lockset has throughbolt hole spacing of 2 ľ", making retrofit with standard commercial grade locksets easy and the only part of the lock that changes with the BEST® 9K® ATB option are the rose liners.

Keying Retrofit Capabilities:

In addition to simplifying a retrofit, the BEST® 9K lockset can already retrofit a variety of competitor keying options. The BEST® 9K Lock ATB option can be combined with the SCHRC option to retrofit both Schlage's door preparation and Schlage's large format removable core design. The SCHRC option enables the BEST® 9K® Lock to accept and operate these removable cores. Similarly, the BEST® 9K® Lock is available to retrofit and operate Schlage's key-in-knob (non-IC) cylinders. When combined with the ATB option, the SCH option provides a lockset that retrofits both Schlage's door preparation and key-in-knob cylinders. If a customer requires a non-IC cylinder for their lock, Best Access Systems can provide a six-pin key-in-knob cylinder in the Schlage® C keyway that is either keyed alike, keyed different or zero bitted. The 9K® system can also accommodate and operate key-in-knob cylinders from other manufacturers, including Corbin-Russwin, Medeco, Sargent and Yale.

Special Features:

In addition to making retrofit and keying retrofit easy, the BEST® 9K® Lockset with ATB option is:

• Among the strongest cylindrical locks in the industry for resistance to lever torque;

• Designed with the lever return springs located in the chassis, rather than the rose;

• Offered in 2-3/4", 3-3/4", and 5" backsets;

• Designed with reversible lockset for either hand of door;

• Available with Tactile functions for additional ADA & OSHA compliance.