Stanley Security Solutions Introduces MX8 Patented Keying System

March 19, 2007
MX8 patented keying system helps limit key duplication, enhances mechanical access control

Indianapolis, IN – January 12, 2007 – Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of access control and integrated security solutions, today announced the introduction of the new MX8 Patented Keying System. Patent-protected keying systems are an essential part of commercial access control as security managers strive to prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys. The MX8 Patented Keying System provides customers with a significant amount of flexibility, enabling them to maximize convenience while optimizing security.

The MX8 Patented Keying System utilizes a patented Side Pin to ensure that cylinders and cores will only operate with the proper MX8 key. When locked, the Side Pin engages the slot in the core body and sleeve, preventing rotation unless the correct MX8 key is present. When the proper MX8 key is inserted into the core the Side Pin slides out to disengage from the body and sleeve, allowing for rotation.

The MX8 Patented Keying System is offered in two series of keyways, each with features that provide their own blend of security and convenience. The M Series keyways are "backward compatible" with certain non-patented BEST keyways, meaning the MX8 key will operate both MX8 cores and non-patented cores. This feature allows a customer to utilize MX8 cores on a portion of their facility, yet still retain the use of one key throughout, which can reduce the expense of a re-key. The X Series keyways are unique to the MX8 Patented Keying System, and as such are considered higher in security.

The patent ensures that MX8 keys can only be manufactured by Stanley, and Stanley will only sell MX8 keys to end user customers after verifying that the individual is an authorized purchaser.

The MX8 keying system is compatible with all existing BEST® figure-8 lock housings, eliminating the need and expense for new locks or the modification of existing locks. The MX8 cores have individually capped pin chambers to minimize re-pinning labor for combination changes. The use of a steel clip design on the core ensures long and reliable operation.

"The MX8 Patented Keying System is the ideal solution for curbing unauthorized key duplication, which is one of the greatest security threats to a facility," said Stephanie Boyle, director of mechanical access solutions product management for Stanley Security Solutions. "Traditionally, selecting the right patented keying system to fit individual needs is quite challenging because of the many competing interests and constraints. The MX8 Patented Keying System offers a simple, effective, and efficient transition for existing BEST customers, with no change in service equipment or key and core pinning activity, because the design of the MX8 Patented Keying System closely resembles that of our existing keying systems."