Lenel Introduces OnGuard 2006 at ISC West

April 5, 2006
Next generation of security platform offers customers flexible total solution, unparalleled feature set

ISC West, Booth # 15087, — Lenel Systems International, a global leader in the development of integrated security systems for government and commercial markets, today announced that it will unveil the latest generation of the OnGuard security platform at ISC West 2006 in Las Vegas. OnGuard 2006 delivers outstanding performance in the most comprehensive and flexible single-source security solution available today. Among the significant new capabilities that are seamlessly integrated into the platform are digital audio content analysis, a highly secure elevator and floor access solution, physical and logical access using biometric data, new web-based tools, video matrix display in wall format, and support for the new TWIC U.S. government identification standard.

Lenel will showcase OnGuard 2006 in booth #15087 at ISC West, April 5-7, 2006 in Las Vegas.

Access Control and Alarm Monitoring

Web-based Area Access Manager with video viewing. Lenel has expanded its portfolio of business productivity tools with the addition of a web-based Area Access Manager application. Using this tool, an authorized manager with a PC and a web browser can remotely grant or deny cardholders access to designated areas, and can display video from cameras within his or her domain. Corporate security departments can give managers independent control over the physical areas and staff for which they are responsible. This eliminates the ongoing need for intervention by a security administrator in order to assign or remove access privileges for each employee, and saves both time and money.

Otis dispatching integration. OnGuard 2006 integrates with Otis’ destination dispatching system to provide secure access to banks of elevators. When a cardholder arrives at an access point and presents his or her credential, OnGuard verifies the person’s access privileges. Cardholder-unique information communicated between OnGuard and the dispatching system identifies the floors on which the cardholder is permitted, determines a default floor, and directs the person to a designated elevator car for secure access to the target floor. Built-in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant features include audiovisual cues and cardholder response time adjustments. The solution is reader and card technology independent and supports the use of smart cards.

Alarm routing to workstation. The OnGuard Alarm Monitoring application can now be configured to automatically reroute an alarm to an alternate workstation if a system operator has not responded to the alarm within a specified number of minutes.

Identity Management

Integrated Engineering DESFire support. Lenel has integrated support for ISO 14443 DESFire smart card encoders from Integrated Engineering. DESFire contactless smart cards can be encoded using these devices within OnGuard 2006. Once encoded, the cards offer a high security solution for access control applications that require contactless smart cards.

Bioscrypt VeriSoft integration. With the integration of Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager support, Lenel continues to drive the convergence of physical and logical security. A person’s fingerprint biometric data can be enrolled into the OnGuard system, and the biometric data can subsequently be used for authentication. The groundbreaking integrated solution is very flexible: it supports logical access using the biometric data only, using a proximity card only, or using the biometric data in conjunction with a proximity card, smart card, PIN or account for single sign-on, Windows logon, file encryption and virtual drive encryption. The card and biometric life cycles are controlled within OnGuard.

“This is the first offering in the marketplace that enables biometric data to be used for both physical and logical access control,” said Michael Regelski, vice president of software development at Lenel.

TWIC compliance. The TWIC program is currently under development by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. A TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) is a secure identification card that will be used by transportation workers to access secure areas and information in transportation facilities. The aim of the TWIC program is to improve security through better identity management by establishing a system-wide, common credential that is universally acceptable across all transportation modes. OnGuard 2006 is TWIC phase 3 compliant, and can encode DESFire smart cards in the TWIC data model format.

Digital Video and Audio

Web-based video viewer. OnGuard 2006 adds a web-based video viewer, which can be launched from within Internet Explorer. Because it is not necessary to install special software at each workstation in order to use the web-based video viewer, deployment and maintenance are streamlined, and application consistency among all users is ensured. The viewer features predefined viewing templates and user-defined camera groups, camera call-up, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and preset control. An auto fill capability automatically populates the video viewer based on user-defined criteria.

Barco video wall integration. Lenel has partnered with Barco, a world leader in professional imaging, to integrate support for large-format video walls. This functionality enables OnGuard users to display numerous high resolution, high frame rate video streams simultaneously using Barco software and hardware.

Intelligent video enhancements. The Lenel IntelligentVideo Environmentâ„¢ (LIVE) now offers a Smoke Detection event, which detects thick smoke in tunnels or outdoor environments. The new release provides more sensitive intrusion detection and motion analysis, an image stabilizing filter for better analysis of shaky video, perspective correction during image processing, and a greatly accelerated Invalid Camera detection function. With new filters and configurable properties, performance enhancements and richer diagnostic tools, LIVE retains its market leadership as the most powerful video content analysis software available today.

Watermarking of exported video. OnGuard 2006 supports video watermarking, a feature that adds security and discourages tampering with digital video exported from the OnGuard system. A watermark and digital signature can be embedded into the video file for later authentication.

Intelligent audio. OnGuard 2006 introduces Lenel IntelligentAudio™, the first solution to provide automated digital audio content analysis – the ability to recognize, analyze and classify objects (information) in previously-recorded audio. It offers an invaluable tool for forensic search applications in both entry-level and enterprise security environments. Specific audio events that can be detected include sudden changes in volume, impact sounds such as a crash or a gunshot, and high-pitched sounds such as a siren, a scream or squealing tires. Lenel IntelligentAudio reduces manpower requirements and provides automation, intelligence and cost savings to enhance the investigative experience.

Unlike analytics solutions from other vendors, which charge extra for the capability, a benefit of the OnGuard solution’s seamless integration is that users can apply Lenel IntelligentVideo and/or IntelligentAudio search capabilities to previously recorded video, to help isolate system alarm- or event-related footage. Lenel is the first company to provide this capability to all users of its platform at no additional charge.

Database Support

OnGuard 2006 adds support for Oracle Database 10g, the latest release of the Oracle relational database management system. Other supported databases include Oracle Server 9i (Version with 8/31/04 security patch), Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition, SQL Server 2000 (SP 3a) and SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition. OnGuard 2006 has been designed to exploit the capabilities of the Windows XP (SP1), Windows 2000 Server Standard and Enterprise (SP4) and Windows 2003 Standard and Enterprise operating systems.

Lenel is part of UTC Fire & Security, a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) business unit. Lenel is a global leader in the development and delivery of scalable, integrated systems for the commercial security market, with almost 13,000 system implementations in 75 countries. Lenel is headquartered in Rochester, New York, with sales and support coverage in all major world markets. More information about Lenel and UTC Fire & Security can be found on their Web sites at www.utcfireandsecurity.com or www.lenel.com.