Digital Defense Group Debuts Biometric-Based Platform for Converged Security

Sept. 24, 2007
Personal identity platform uses self-enrollment

OMAHA, NEB. (Sept. 21, 2007) -- Digital Defense Group today unveiled its personal identity platform – an open, standards-based product suite for achieving enterprise security convergence. The biometric physical and logical access control system is available for immediate delivery.

Platform pricing, specifications and demonstrations are available at booth #1187 during the ASIS International 2007 exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center Sept. 24-26.

“The evolution and expansion of Digital Defense Group’s products enable true convergence of physical and logical access control and the resulting return on the investment,” said Digital Defense Group president Steve Campisi. “We believe we offer the world’s most advanced personal identity platform, and we know it is ready for the most demanding enterprise customers.”

The company’s platform centers on the Factor4 and IronGate contactless security biocards, driven by the company’s Biometric Operating Secure System (BOSS) and supported by three new software applications. Reader hardware for the platform uses industry standard wireless protocols.

The credit card-sized biocards are self-enrolling on the device. This patent-pending technology eliminates the need for a centralized biometric database. Beyond the on-card 1:1 authentication, the biocards’ anti-tampering technology exceeds U.S. government standards. Factor4 and IronGate use a range of wireless standards; IronGate will transmit a wireless signal up to 35 feet.

“Digital Defense Group biocards deliver the highest level of security and biometric privacy ever offered,” said Campisi. “We’ve packed a lot of power into a credit card form factor, and we’ve done it with an inclusive, industry-wide perspective.”

The biocards’ processor drives BOSS to deliver multi-protocol silos for system, file, access and custom commands. BOSS file management can carry over 65,000 files and folders that contain securely encrypted identity information – building access IDs, computer logon certificates, photos, text, medical records and other secure data. Digital Defense Group offers a software developer’s kit for BOSS, too.

“Factor4 and IronGate provide accuracy, adaptability, accountability and affordability,” said Campisi. “They are a platform upon which more security applications can be built than any other biocard in the business. This is a slimmer, smarter and safer security solution.”

Digital Defense Group also released three software programs in their platform – Raptor, Watchdog and Saber. Raptor is the biocard configurator and provisioning system for building managers. Watchdog supports logical access control by locking down computers with GINA or other access. And Saber is a photo identity system used to manage photos transmitted by the Factor4 and IronGate biocards.

Campisi stressed Digital Defense Group’s open platform as a key strength.

“We know integrators are important to making convergence happen,” said Campisi. “And we know IT departments and facilities managers are going to have unique requirements. All of these considerations are covered in what Digital Defense Group is delivering today. Together, we will make it happen.”

Digital Defense Group is a developer and supplier of biometric security products located in Omaha, Neb. A subsidiary of Resilent, LLC, Digital Defense Group began research and product development of a wireless, self-enrolling biometric card in 2001 and introduced Factor4 and IronGate self-enrolling biocards in 2004. For information, visit