Stanley Security Solutions Introduces New and Improved 40H Mortise Lock

April 5, 2006
Institutional line of lever designs retain existing functionality, adds aesthetically pleasing features

Indianapolis, IN – April 4, 2006 – Best Access Systems, a division of Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of access and security solutions, today announced that its popular 40H mortise lock has undergone a significant design upgrade, combining the critical elements of form and design together with one of the industry’s most enduring and time tested lock hardware products.

Complementing its robust functionality, Best Access Systems has added new ornamental lever designs to the 40H mortise lock line, providing architects and end users with an increased and dynamic array of application options to further enhance its appeal. The new line of lever designs was debuted at the CSI show in Las Vegas, NV.

The new 40H mortise lock decorative trim reflects a growing architectural trend and demand among the architectural community for a locking system to include a high degree of performance combined with a more aesthetic and visually pleasing display. As a result, the 40H mortise lock now includes the best of both worlds, integrating the essential components of performance and security along with elegance and beauty.

The enhanced 40H mortise lock features five new lever designs that are readily available, plus a wide range of designs that can be specially ordered. Regardless of which design is selected, end users receive the full benefits of the strength, durability, and flexibility that’s been designed into every 40H mortise lock.

“Architects spend a great deal of time and effort designing elaborate and ornate facilities and are then left with the prospect of installing a plain looking lock into its doors,” said Mark Dearing, product manager for Best Access Systems. “When an end user selects a 40H mortise lock, they no longer have to choose between appearance and utility.

With over 80 trim designs from which to choose, they can transform their 40H mortise lock into an appealing accent of the opening, rather than merely an operational necessity.”

First introduced in 2005, the Mortise 40H lock is the first in a suite of locking systems from Best Access Systems that operate on a platform-based architecture across mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic product applications. The 40H mortise lock is built upon the success of its predecessor and, like the 30H mortise lock, is backed by the respected and industry leading reputation of Best Access Systems.

The 40H mortise lock is one of the first lock products in the 21st century that a manufacturer has developed from the ground up using advanced development tools such as 3-D modeling and six-sigma design principles, significantly improving the efficiency of the design process while offering greater reliability in the completed product.

The universal case design of the 40H mortise lock provides the ability to reconfigure a lock into many different functions easily and quickly, often by rearranging existing component parts without disassembling the lock case. The efficiency of the design enables over 15 of the most commonly used lock functions to be included in just 3 case configurations.

The 40H mortise lock is an ideal security solution for commercial and industrial applications, schools, universities, government institutions, hospitals, and other locations where strength and durability are required in a locking system.