Panasonic Iris System to Be Used in Sea I.D. System

March 21, 2006
Biometric integrator creates maritime ID system, adds Panasonic technology

Secaucus, NJ - Biometric Intelligence & Identification Technologies (BI2 Technologies) of Plymouth, MA has selected Panasonic's BM-ET330 Iris Readers for use in their recently developed biometric identification system, Sea I.D.

The new iris recognition-based system provides positive, verifiable identification for the maritime, cruise and port industries by capturing a high resolution digital photograph of an individual's iris and comparing its unique features to those stored in a database.

"BI2 Technologies is, without a doubt, at the forefront of biometric identification systems development and we are extremely honored by this opportunity," said Frank DeFina, President of Panasonic System Solutions Company. "We congratulate them on this very important accomplishment in an area with complex security issues and for their dedication to advancing security solutions through biometric technology."

Sea I.D. was developed in conjunction with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA), one of the nation's leading maritime educational institutions, to track cadet and staff movement on and off its training ship, the T.S. Enterprise. The system can determine who boards and leaves the ship, the time they leave and when they return. It also has the ability to produce reports on work details, restrictions and the historical on/off activity of each enrollee.

Panasonic's BM-ET330 Iris Reader is a key component of the identification system, offering system enrollment and confirmation ease of use through its two-camera, "one glance" authentication design, manual tilt capability and advanced self-prompted user guidance system. In addition, the Wiegand output, UL294 built-in (COTS) and off-the-shelf support for 13.56 MHz HID iClass Readers are design features that lend themselves to system integration.

The enabling iris recognition biometric technology is provided by Iridian Technologies, Inc. of Morrestown, NJ. Their ProofPositive certified hardware and software positively determines the identity of an individual by capturing and digitally encoding an image of the iris. The design of the Sea I.D. system is similar to other iris recognition systems developed by BI2 Technologies and is being used across the country in airports, schools and correctional facilities.

According to Sean Mullin, President of BI2 Technologies, the Sea I.D. system is installed on the Academy's training ship which is currently on her third training cruise, with 506 cadets aboard. "The Panasonic iris readers made the enrollment process easy and fast, and from all reports the system has been a success," said Mullin.

Along with their use in BI2 Technologies' Sea I.D. system, the Panasonic BM-ET330 Iris Readers are also employed in BI2 Technologies' CHILD Project and the recently introduced Senior Safety Net systems.

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