Circlelock Tightens Access Control with Anti-Tailgating System

March 17, 2006
Three-dimensional Stereovision system 'recognizes' number of people entering a door

The Netherlands-based Royal Boon Edam company, a world leader in high-quality entrance technology and services, has further enhanced the high security afforded by its Circlelock interlocking door through fitting it out with an advanced system that heightens access control by detecting and preventing any attempt to piggyback through the door

This sophisticated three-dimensional system, known as StereoVision, has been introduced to meet the increasing demand by customers for more sophisticated security systems that minimise the risk of intrusion, says David Bunkall, marketing director of Royal Boon Edam group holding

"The StereoVision security system is able to recognize shapes, sizes and volume in three dimensions. By analysing these data, the system determines the number of people attempting to enter on one authorisation and blocks the Circlelock when violation is detected. This unique 3D technology ensures the highest accuracy in security access without reducing the capacity of the entrance," he explains

Reliable security at the entrance can only be achieved when the access control system is operating at a high level of safety and alertness. The Circlelock is a high-security access door, which has been designed to integrate with any access control system such as an innovative card reader system and intelligent biometric system, providing the ultimate in automated security in entrance technology in various sensitive areas in business, commercial and government premises, Bunkall points out

"Thanks to the close co-operation between our research and development staff and our innovative customers, we have been able to do extensive field tests on this new development. These tests proved that the stand-alone Circlelock has a security performance level which is unparalleled by competing Circlelock-type doors on the market," he concludes

The company, Boon Edam was founded in 1873 as a carpentry shop in Amsterdam and supplied its first revolving door a century ago. The ISO-90001: 2000 certified company's core business is a broad range of high-quality entrance products that includes door systems, security access and advanced door care. The company was granted the right to use the name Royal Boon Adam in 2004 and has subsidiary companies in 12 countries, factories in China, the Netherlands and US as well as authorised distributors in 40 other countries