New Biometric Time and Attendance Terminal from Recognition Systems

March 28, 2005
Ethernet-enabled time and attendance terminal uses hand geometry to eliminate buddy punching

Recognition Systems, the biometric component of Ingersoll-Rand's (IR) Security & Safety Electronic Control Systems, has introduced its new HandPunch 50E, which provides the convenience of biometric hand geometry, eliminating cards or codes, to positively identify up to 50 people. The HandPunch 50E is Ethernet-enabled, eliminates buddy-punching, and is now affordable and cost effective for all time and attendance applications.

The low cost of the new HandPunch 50E, which eliminates the expenses associated with employee badges and buddy punching, provides an extremely fast return-on-investment for small businesses. Instead of having to fill out or punch a timecard, an employee simply enters her ID number and places her hand on the HandPunch 50E. It automatically takes a three-dimensional reading of the size and shape of the employee's hand and verifies the user's identity in less than one second.

"The new HandPunch 50E provides all the power and accuracy of our other HandPunch time and attendance terminals but is designed for smaller enterprises, making biometric technology cost-effective for almost every small business," reports Bill Spence, Recognition Systems director of marketing.

By featuring a built-in Ethernet port, businesses can insert the HandPunch 50E anywhere along their LAN/WAN where it will be most useful. It can be placed in several areas around a building or in branch offices separated by continents. Networked systems also provide centralized template management. Users can enroll at a single location and have their templates available at other locations.

According to Spence, the HandPunch 50E is especially applicable for two uniquely different types of customers. For small businesses, the HandPunch 50E provides increased convenience for employees since there are no badges to remember. Being Ethernet-enabled, it presents the company with an easier-to-administer and lower cost method of time and attendance tracking than either manual or card-based systems.

For larger companies that have many small offices, the HandPunch 50E eliminates any possibilities of buddy punching, which is especially important for organizations with minimal supervision. In addition, there are no cards to distribute or the inevitable lost cards to replace, making time and attendance management and tracking much easier.

HandPunch 50E options include operational battery backup and outdoor enclosures.

The HandPunch 50E as well as the complete line of HandPunch products are now available worldwide as part of integrated time and attendance solutions from a wide array of Recognition Systems' time and attendance business partners.