Dreifus Achieves Certification for Smart Card Applet Suite

Jan. 21, 2005
DAL received FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security certification for its C3 Applet Suite on Axalto Cyberflex Access 64K smart cards

Lake Mary, FL. - Dreifus Associates Limited, Inc. (DAL) announced today that it has received FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security certification for its C3 Applet Suite on Axalto Cyberflex Access 64K smart cards. This marks the first time any applet suite compliant with the latest Government Smart Card -- Interoperability Specification (GSC-IS), version 2.1, received this level of security certification. With the new applets DAL targets organizations interested in reaching higher levels of security for IT systems access or identity credentials in both the government and private sectors.

DAL C3 applets enable tamper-resistant storage and controlled access to any information stored on a smart card or smart token. Typically used for identity credentials, this includes unique identification and biometric information that can be used to verify an individual and prevent unauthorized access to physical or logical assets.

"We are very proud to have achieved this milestone," said Henry Dreifus, founder and CEO of Dreifus Associates. "Achieving FIPS certification in this area takes investment and commitment, and this success reflects Dreifus' dedication to maintaining its position at the leading edge of ID technology."

DAL developed the C3 Applet Suite around open industry standards: supporting Java Card, GlobalPlatform and the GSC-IS v2.1. This standards-based approach enables the implementation of C3 applets across multiple smart card platforms and ID systems, providing choices to issuers and eliminating the fear of being locked in to a single source. DAL's C3 applets are already in use in several projects including the Registered Traveler program and the Transportation Workers ID Credential (TWIC).

The combination of GSC-IS v2.1 and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance positions DAL and its partners for a number of other high profile U.S. federal government ID card deployments that could potentially involve millions of smart cards or smart tokens. This includes the federal employee common access card initiative, which was given a huge boost when Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 mandated this program for all federal departments and agencies.

This FIPS certification, the first of many planned by Dreifus and its partners, was achieved on a smart card platform from leading card manufacturer Axalto. "This is a major event for the industry," said Neville Pattinson, director of business development, technology and government affairs for Axalto Americas. "With C3, Dreifus is leading the drive for true interoperability in the ID sector. We are honored to have been able to support them in this endeavor, and look forward to continued success."

"FIPS certification and GSC-IS compliance are obviously essential for government programs," said Mike Sunners, Dreifus Associates' vice president of business development, "but we believe the certified security and integrity offered by this applet suite has application wherever establishing, authenticating and protecting the identity of an individual is essential. Areas such as healthcare, corporate ID, benefits distribution and digital rights management immediately come to mind."