Real-Time Technology Group brings new identity management solutions to market

Oct. 30, 2012
Company’s Real-Time Verification platform enables end-users to meet today’s security challenges

Our post 9-11 world finds us a nation still very much at risk. Ongoing threats to our security demand the best possible solutions for managing critical information in real time. These include having the ability to know, with assurance, who an individual is, what their background and training is, and if they belong, or don't belong, at any given facility at any given time.

To meet that crucial need, Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG), a leading provider of trusted identity solutions, brings to market its Real-Time Verification (RTV) technology platform. It enables the end user to effectively respond to today's critical security challenges: personal identity verification, technical qualification validation, and enhanced, integrated access control.

RTV empowers credential-issuing authorities and organizations with the ability to verify and manage the identity, professional certifications and credentials of individuals, and ensure the strictest privacy standards. The technology is engineered to selectively present only authorized users with real-time, accurate, need-to-know information. The Real-Time Verification platform is also scalable to meet the specific needs of entire industries, regions, as well as individual companies.

"Our Real-Time Verification applications help risk managers assure that individuals requiring access to secure areas are positively identified and qualified to do the job at hand," explains RTTG President and CEO Daniel Krantz. "Real-Time Verification applications also allow disconnected public and private enterprises to implement technology solutions cooperatively for personal information collection, secure data processing, flexible vetting and certification processes, efficient credential issuance, and need-to-know information sharing," he adds. "Each shared solution is cost-effective, scalable, and secure."

Some of the key features and benefits of RTTG's Real-Time Verification technology include:

Turnkey Service - RTV verifies personnel assurance information using any Internet-enabled mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer, and no special hardware or software is required.

Cost Effectiveness - RTV eliminates redundant processing, screening, and certification fees by enabling secure information sharing among disparate entities.

Interoperability - RTV optimizes use of common data to address broad-ranging personnel assurance requirements using advanced data access permissions.

Efficiency - RTV delivers the right information to the right person at the right time with automated system notices.

Flexibility - RTV provides a configurable platform for comprehensive Identity Management, Certification Tracking, Credential Issuance, and Personal Identity Verification systems that are individually developed and managed to meet specific, critical information management needs.

High Compliance- RTV complies with the highest level of federal guidelines for personnel assurance and national infrastructure protection, including HSPD-12 and FIPS-201.

"Security challenges are never static, and neither is our technical response to them," Krantz points out. "Our technology is evolving continuously and uniquely positions Real-Time Technology Group to provide leading personal assurance applications with increasing efficiency."

 Real-Time Verification technologies deliver innovative identity management solutions for the most complex personnel assurance challenges. Installed locally or delivered as a turnkey, hosted and managed solution, RTTG's Web-based applications are readily deployed and easy-to-use without extensive training. RTV is at the core of each of RTTG's identity solutions, and drives its complete portfolio of identity management applications. For more information, please visit