TLDR Capital launches security division led by veteran FBI Special Agents and Navy SEALs

July 12, 2018
Leading crypto investment and advisory firm brings specialized cyber and physical security to at-risk market participants

New York, NY— July 12, 2018 — TLDR, a global investment and advisory firm for tokenization projects, has announced a new security-focused practice, TLDR Security, that will provide unparalleled cyber and physical security services to the global blockchain market. The team of experts includes veteran cyber FBI Special Agents Andre McGregor and Jason Truppi and Navy SEAL Chuck McGraw. With their respective, decades-long experience in cyber, operational, and personnel security, TLDR Security will deliver enterprise-level security techniques to leading crypto institutions, exchanges, and token companies. The security practice offers critical solutions in a space facing extreme levels of risk and complex threats across digital and physical attack surfaces.

The TLDR Security team has secured some of the largest companies and startups globally, including 50% of the Fortune 100 and 30% of the Global 2000. The new practice brings expertise across a number of crucial areas of defense, including criminal and counterintelligence cyber-techniques; Special Operations contingency tactics; network building, security and investigation; and endpoint detection.

Tom Graham, TLDR Managing Partner, said: “In many ways, TLDR Security wrote the playbook on a cyber incident response, ranging from digital forensics to malware analysis, to full system recovery. We recognize the clear and immediate need for premier security services to protect and enable the best crypto and blockchain companies on the market. With a team that has worked on some of the biggest cyber intrusions and Special Operations deployments in recent history, Andre, Jason, and Chuck will, without question, offer a kind of security expertise to the crypto industry that is unprecedented.”

Andre McGregor led the IT Security team at the cybersecurity software company Tanium, widely known as the Silicon Valley unicorn startup securing the bulk of the largest 100 companies in the world. During his years at the FBI, Andre was a technically-trained special agent who helped form FBI New York’s first cyber squad focused on nation-state intrusions and later cyber terrorism. He also served as the FBI Cyber Representative to the United Nations and liaison for DHS Cyber in Washington DC. Currently, Andre is a Board Member of the National Cybersecurity Center and serves as the FBI and technical consultant for acclaimed TV show Mr. Robot.  

Jason Truppi served as Director of Endpoint Detection and Response at Tanium, having worked some of the largest and most significant national security and criminal cyber intrusion cases in the United States as an FBI Special Agent and later Supervisory Special Agent at FBI Headquarters. He currently consults on cyber policy issues as a Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Cybersecurity.

Chuck McGraw, joining as TLDR’s Chief Operating Officer, brings 20 years of experience as a Navy SEAL, where he completed 11 high-risk combat deployments and more than 500 combat operations. Chuck’s expertise in managing and leading high-performing teams and decentralized operations strategies is particularly relevant in the global blockchain industry. He also possesses extensive training and real-world experience in counter-terrorism, high-risk training and operations, and both security and vulnerability assessments.

TLDR Security will offer a suite of premium security capabilities to the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency companies dedicated to implementing the highest level of security. With industry-leading advice and guidance on tactics and techniques as extensive as threat risk analysis, code review, incident response, secure custodial solutions, physical security site surveys, travel protection, and country-specific threat briefings, the new division will provide diversified security counsel to assess potential threats and provide the solutions necessary to protect valuable, high-risk market participants and assets.  

Andre McGregor, TLDR Partner and Global Head of Security, said: “While cyber threats continue, there are increasingly complex ways that bad actors will strike prominent players in the blockchain industry. In the past year alone, we have seen almost one billion dollars in digital assets lost as a result of data breaches, with some of the best and biggest projects threatened and successfully compromised. A number of high-profile crypto heists have also seen executives physically assaulted and robbed. We are prepared to tackle these threats head-on, with a security team that is well-versed in the toughest and most extreme cases of cyber and physical security contingencies.”

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TLDR Security provides premium services to securitize technologies, companies, individuals, and their virtual commodities. The security practice, led by veteran FBI Special Agents and Navy SEALs, addresses every layer of cyber and physical securitization, from prevention through to response. For more information, visit: