ProdataKey introduces updates to touch reader and touch app

Aug. 10, 2020
New touch-free and multi-site support enhance the pdk io mobile-first access control platform

Draper, UT | August 12, 2020:  ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of the leading cloud access control platform built for mobile, today announced several updates to its “touch” Bluetooth reader and mobile app that further distinguish the pdk io solution as the most convenient, seamless, access control experience on the market. Unlike other mobile access control solutions, which require users to unlock and present their phone in place of a fob, PDK’s touch reader automatically senses encrypted credentials on locked phones carried by users, even when they’re deep inside pockets, bags and purses.  The reader’s new “touch-free” feature, designed to support COVID-19 best-practices for workplace safety, allows credentialed users to simply wave their hand within 2-3 inches of the reader in order to indicate an intent to enter. The result is a touch-free, hassle-free “walk-through” experience that requires no contact with phone nor reader.

PDK’s “touch app,” a separate component of the pdk io mobile-first solution, allows users to unlock entrances remotely with the push of a button within the app interface. It, too, has also been updated to offer enhanced functionality and greater convenience. New multi-site support allows individuals to access more than one pdk io system from within the same app. For example, a person whose apartment complex and workplace are both secured with a pdk io system can control and open doors at both locations from a single log-in within the app. Or, if they have more than one job, they can access multiple work locations, with each site’s administrator retaining control over respective permissions for specific doors and times. Another new feature, “Favorites,” allows users to identify doors most frequented so that they can be accessed quickly from the first screen within the app. Again, the new multi-site support allows favorite entryways to be located at one or multiple locations.

The features of the touch reader and touch app are just some of the many ways in which the pdk io platform has been engineered as a mobile-first solution, leveraging the superior flexibility, usability and “carry-it-with-you” convenience that’s unique to smartphones. In fact, pdk io administrators, managers, installers and technicians benefit from the identical user experience, whether they are logging into the platform through a computer, tablet or the mobile native app. This includes access to system installation and configuration tools, issuing of credentials, permissions management, user groups, monitoring dashboards, reporting and event-call up and many other features.

Jeff Perri, President and COO or ProdataKey, says, “PDK has long espoused the benefits of a mobile-first approach to access control because it’s clearly what customers want; they prefer to use their phones for everything they can. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made mobile-first even more relevant, both for its support of remote, decentralized system management and the touch-free benefits it offers to workers or tenants. Plus, our integration with many complementary security solutions from industry partners further expands the ways that security can be managed from the palm of your hand.”

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