IES Communications adds the Alcatraz Rock to security solutions portfolio

Feb. 26, 2021
IES Communications has selected the Alcatraz Rock to leverage the latest in biometrics

REDWOOD CITY, CA (February 24, 2021) National systems integrator, IES Communications, LLC, a subsidiary of IES Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: IESC), has added the Alcatraz Rock autonomous access control solution to its security technology portfolio.

IES Communications has selected the Alcatraz Rock to leverage the latest in biometrics – facial authentication – which is more secure and more hygienic, as it reduces touchpoints.

“IES is always striving to bring safe new ways to utilize cutting-edge security solutions to its customers. With the implementation of Alcatraz Biometrics products, IES continues to design solutions for your environment that will secure your peace of mind,” said IES Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gilbert Romo.

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with 21 locations throughout the United States, IES Communications is a leading national technology infrastructure architect that delivers a comprehensive approach with a strong emphasis on client relationships and continuous innovation.

“Alcatraz is excited to partner with IES Communications to deliver autonomous access control. IES has a great reputation for delivering comprehensive and reliable security solutions, and we know that the Rock will be an important addition to their portfolio,” said Alcatraz Chief Revenue Officer, Tina D’Agostin. 

Alcatraz offers a touchless and secure physical access control solution that works with any access control system. The Rock replaces or augments badging as a credential with facial recognition, 3D sensing, and artificial intelligence - to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations. The Rock uses machine learning for increased security and accurate tailgating detection while intelligently enrolling employees as they are badging in, eliminating the headaches associated with traditional onboarding. A mask detection feature – the Mask Enforcer – provides a mask detection mode to help businesses comply with government-mandated facemasks.

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About Alcatraz

Alcatraz is changing the way that companies use access control systems by providing facial authentication and mask enforcement solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and analytics to modernize their access control systems. Enterprises across the Fortune 2000 choose Alcatraz’s platform to enable touchless access control and use its intelligence to optimize their security strategy. Our solutions are designed to be easy-to-implement and use - with seamless integration into existing infrastructure, not requiring a system retrofit. Alcatraz’s frictionless technology enables companies to innovate and future-proof their security strategy, while providing the most secure, reliable, and accurate credential for physical access. To learn more, visit