Smarter Security's ReconaSense access control solution awarded FICAM certification

June 3, 2021
System certified to modernize physical authorization capabilities for advanced protection of federal facilities
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AUSTIN, TX – May/June, 2021 – Smarter Security, Inc., proudly announces GSA’s approval of the ReconaSense PACS Infrastructure for FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management), meeting and exceeding the highest level of requirements for securing government agencies and military installations.

ReconaSense is the first Risk-Adaptive Physical Access Control System (RAdPACS) using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Mercury hardware that is certified to validate Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and PIV-I for federal employees and contractors utilizing high-assurance credentials for physical access. This development provides contextual authorization and mission-focused management of physical interactions between authorized personnel, resources, and federal facilities for the first time.

Designed for user-definable environments, ReconaSense’ open architecture and real-time analytics provide practitioners with a standard toolkit for custom applications and advanced access control requirements. Executive VP Clayton Brown said “In fewer words, federal facilities can control access based on the real-time situation without hiring more guards or programmers.” ReconaSense is architected to provide physical security with the same interoperability, analysis, and adaptivity seen throughout the rest of the enterprise. These modern control capabilities enable the next generation of security practitioner to build proactive security postures that better protect personnel, resources, and facilities against traditional, existing, emerging, and unforeseen threats.

“Risk-based decisions drive management everywhere except where it’s most critical: the front door,” Brown continued. Unlike legacy COTS solutions, ReconaSense provides a multi-layered and risk-based approach to physical access control management. When permissions are granted based on a combination of factors, practitioners can make personnel safer, assets better protected, and operations more resilient. “Legacy solutions have left practitioners with a false sense of awareness and control.” said Brown. ReconaSense eliminates the resulting vulnerabilities of using static access policies to manage dynamic physical environments with military-grade, risk-adaptive capabilities.

Smarter Security’s most recent FICAM certification of ReconaSense enables enhanced risk-adaptive security solutions for a wide range of applications across the military, government, and critical infrastructure. Applications include but are not limited to; Insider Threat Mitigation, Active Shooter Protection, Contact Tracing, Unmanned Entry, CBRN Safeguards, Agile Emergency Management, Credential Provisioning Workflows, Common Operating Pictures, Smart Building Automation, Persistent Lobby Screening, etc.

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