AlertEnterprise launches NFC Wallet mobile credentials powered by WaveLynx

March 21, 2023
For a live demonstration join AlertEnterprise at ISC West in Las Vegas at booth #13115 or request a demo.

AlertEnterprise announced their partnership with WaveLynx, a leader in open, secure and interoperable access control solutions, now offering employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch.

The new AE Wallet app integrated with the AlertEnterprise Guardian platform, empowers security teams with end-to-end automation of the entire NFC Wallet mobile credential lifecycle, delivering unmatched governance and a secure and convenient workforce access experience.

AlertEnterprise Chief Operations Officer, Ruby Deol says beyond security and user experience, NFC Wallet mobile credentials can have a positive impact on an organization’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiatives, “Converting to NFC Wallet mobile credentials can significantly reduce an organization’s plastic waste, minimizing the carbon footprint associated with printing and distributing physical badges. That’s a huge win for our customer’s ESG programs. And then you add being more convenient, secure, and cost-effective, that’s security as real business enabler.”

Compatible with the WaveLynx multi-tech reader portfolio, the new partnership enables customers to migrate their access technology at the pace that is right for their business.

With employee badge in Apple Wallet, users will be able to simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch to a WaveLynx reader to perform tasks from unlocking office doors and securely printing documents to accessing vending machines and much more – eliminating the added step of opening an app or fumbling to find their physical employee badge.

With Express Mode, users do not need to unlock or even wake up their device to use their employee badge — they can simply hold their device to a reader. If an iPhone needs to be charged, users can still use their device to access their office or amenity areas for up to five hours with Power Reserve.

“WaveLynx and AlertEnterprise together present end users a real world solution to an extremely complex problem of identity and access control credentials. Together we solve the problem of validating the identity of an individual in access control instantly, every time they present their employee badge in Apple Wallet. This ensures security and governmental compliance all while enabling seamless access.” - Rob Lydic, President, WaveLynx

For a live demonstration join AlertEnterprise at ISC West in Las Vegas at booth #13115 or request a demo.