Detex Automatic Swing Door Systems

Feb. 26, 2013
Solution meets specific needs in hospitals and medical buildings

(February 22, 2013) – New Braunfels, Texas – Detex Corporation, manufacturer of high-quality door hardware designed to meet the life safety and security requirements of commercial buildings, offers Automatic Swing Door Systems ideal for healthcare applications. Used at entrance doors, in surgical areas, on cross-corridor doors – anywhere complete access without hands-on door contact is required – Detex Automatic Swing Door Systems are proven performers.

Certain healthcare applications require a combination of components to meet the needs of specific applications. Detex features a range of hardware designed specifically for healthcare uses. In addition, Detex provides complete systems that efficiently meet more complex application requirements. Customers can select the exact components that suit a certain application and know that the components will integrate easily with each other and function well as a system.

Detex Swing Door System components include the AO19 automatic door opener that can operate light or heavy doors in low energy applications and has controls mounted and pre-wired in one unit, as well as electrified Advantex panic hardware, keypads and card readers. These can be used for interior doors where the general public can access a wall button or authorized personnel can use a keypad or card reader, or for exterior doors that open with a wall button for assisted entry during the day and restricted entry after hours.

“Detex is the only manufacturer that integrates all these hardware components,” said Ken Kuehler, National Accounts Manager at Detex. “We even offer preconfigured EasyKits that install easily with any hardware already in place, such as door prop alarms, camera setups, or roaming-alert systems used in assisted living facilities.”

For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of architects and owners who rely on Detex products for the safety and security of people and property. A USA company, Detex designs, manufactures, markets and ships products from New Braunfels, Texas. Detex is known internationally for life safety and security door hardware, loss prevention and architectural hardware, integrated door security systems, and guard tour verification.

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