Detex Restricted Access System

March 1, 2017
ISC West 2017 Booth #19109

Detex puts dependable panic hardware in restricted secure areas - at gym and dorm entrances, pharmacies, office buildings, and any other area where unauthorized entry must be controlled, and authorized entry must be easy, quick and reliable.

If your operation has certain entry doors where access must be limited to one identified entrant at a time, you want to be sure that no one is able to slip through undetected, behind an employee or client, during or after hours.

You may also need to protect departments inside your facility. Membership gyms, research labs or certain offices must be off-limits to those who have no business there, and this hardware prevents unauthorized tailgate entry. The Tailgate Detection System is compatible with most access control technologies, is easy to retrofit, and has an integrated door prop alarm for extra security.

Any or all these components can be combined as a Restricted Access System that meets specific enhanced levels of security in the most sensitive areas of your facility:

  • Advantex Panic Hardware provides delayed egress with latch retraction. Alarm sounds during 15-second delay to alert staff to unauthorized entry before door opens.
  • Access Control permits authorized immediate entry using keypad or card reader. Includes panic unlocking.
  • Single Person Entry (Tailgate Detection) allows only one authorized entry at a time by using active infrared sensor beams to detect piggybackers, and signaling a remote alarm, camera or security.
  • Door Prop Alarms alert you to a door that has been deliberately propped open to permit unauthorized entry.

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