Video: Introducing Medeco 4 High Security Key Systems

Feb. 3, 2021
Medeco 4 (M4) builds on more than 50 years of lock engineering innovation and takes security to the next level, offering the highest level of protection against physical attack and unauthorized key duplication
The technology built into M4, including the movable key element, and side and lift pins in the cylinder, stretch the boundaries of features that can be built into a lock and key system: Cylinder side pins and a lift pin which engage the sidebar prevent opening until the elements are aligned in the correct position, protecting against bumping and picking. The patent-pending movable element in the key deters 3D printed copies of keys while patent-pending key control protects against unauthorized duplication of keys. Secondary side-pin bittings provide expanded master keying capabilities, making the largest master key systems possible - 2,000 times that of a conventional cylinder! Learn more