Biometrics Implementation in a Private School: A Case Study

Aug. 30, 2023
How to enhance security, operational efficiency with biometric access control


Implementing biometrics in private schools has become increasingly popular as it offers enhanced security measures and improved operational efficiency. Biometric technology, such as fingerprint recognition, provides a reliable and secure solution for identifying students and staff, replacing traditional physical credentials and pin numbers. This article explores the benefits and challenges of implementing biometrics in a private school setting, using the case study of Center Academy in Miami, FL.

Mauricio Herrera, President of Elite Integrated Solutions (EIS), outlined several of the school’s security requirements. First, the school wanted a high-security solution with access that cannot be lost, easily shared, or replicated so the use of physical credentials and pin numbers was not an option. The second challenge was the need for an outdoor reader that could take high temperatures, sun, and moisture. And the third major challenge was how to properly secure the facility while protecting the people inside during a lockdown. EIS was able to solve these challenges by using Suprema’s BioStart2 platform and fingerprint readers BioEntry W2 & P2.

Enhanced Security

Biometrics offers a high level of security by providing unique identification for each individual. The use of fingerprint biometrics, such as Suprema's BioEntry W2 & P2, ensures that access to the school premises is restricted to authorized personnel only. By eliminating the risk of lost or stolen credentials, biometrics help maintain a secure environment, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the school. For emergency situations like lockdowns, Elite Integrated Systems chose to use Suprema’s BioStar2 system integrated with Shooter Detection Systems Inc. If there is an intruder on the premises, the active shooter system is integrated with Suprema Biostar2 to lock the building down.

Improved Efficiency

Biometrics streamlines administrative processes, saving valuable resources and time. “BioStar2 is very functional and user-friendly. We were able to easily train the end-user to register users and manage the system. It’s cut and dry and a big advantage over other biometric companies”, said Herrera. The BioEntry fingerprint readers are integrated with an access control system, allowing for controlled entry and exit points, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing overall security both indoors and in the harsh Florida environment.

Reduced Dependency on Physical Credentials

Using biometrics in private schools eliminates the need for physical credentials, reducing the risk of loss or misuse. Center Academy opted for the Suprema BioEntry fingerprint readers for their installation due to their reliability, low maintenance requirements, and ease of use. This not only reduces plastic waste but also eliminates the pass-back capability, ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain access to the school premises.

Cost Savings & Improved Monitoring

 Biometric systems provide real-time monitoring of who is present in the building at any given time. This information is crucial during emergencies and allows for swift and efficient evacuation procedures. The Center Academy was able to reduce security guard personnel from three guards to one guard and a front desk administrator. Additionally, the system reduces errors attributed to the human element as well as allows security personnel to focus more on security measures and not so much on door access.


Implementing biometrics in private schools, as demonstrated by the case study of Center Academy, offers numerous benefits such as enhanced security, improved efficiency, reduced dependency on physical credentials, better monitoring, and cost savings. Biometric technology provides an ideal solution for schools aiming to create a secure environment while streamlining administrative processes and fostering a conducive learning atmosphere. As the demand for advanced security measures and operational efficiency increases, biometrics will continue to play a crucial role in school security.

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