Acre Unveils New Access Control Platform at ISC West

April 12, 2024
Built on the Feenics architecture, the platform leverages the best capabilities of acre’s brands

LAS VEGAS —This week here at ISC West, acre security unveiled acre Access Control in conjunction with acre Smart Controller and the acre Reader. The combined ecosystem offers a fast and user-friendly route to cloud adoption for any size organization from SMB to enterprise level.

“Our new access control platform comes out of our technology stack,” says acre security CEO Don Joos, noting that the new platform leverages the best of all acre brands. “Historically, through acquisitions over the years, there were a lot of access control brands within the company. What we have done now is take our cloud product, Feenics, and we used that code base as the core and we looked at what were the best capabilities, the most common features, the most common integration points across this installed base of solutions and brought all of that into one platform. So now Feenics is an amalgamation of all our best capabilities.”

Another reason acre used the Feenics architecture is because of the strength of its APIs and the openness and the great documentation around their SPKs, allowing for incredible flexibility and customizability, Joos notes.

“The system brings a user-friendly interface, connects with a wide array of networked systems, and supports a myriad of deployment strategies,” he says. “We took a lot of input from the market, our partners and end users to help us build this system, and it is ultimately about providing more choices and flexibility. So now the upgrade or the migration path is super easy, which is what we are striving for – providing that flexibility for the customer based on their business problems today versus their business problems tomorrow.”

Built from the outset with cybersecurity in mind, acre Access Control offers intelligent functionality, flexibility, and the freedom to choose the best deployment option based on a business’ specific requirements. Organizations are no longer constrained to select between on-premises or cloud-based systems as acre Access Control can be deployed in either a native cloud or local on-premises environment, based upon the same code base and user interface, making the move from on-prem to cloud seamless.

Acre Access Control offers simplicity and efficiency with Functional Integration Toolkit Scripts (FITS), transforming the landscape of workflow efficiency. Visitors and new employees can easily navigate self-enrollment, sending text messages to start the process, while new hires can quickly submit selfies to obtain their mobile credentials. Contractors are provided immediate access through one-time codes delivered directly to their mobile devices. Employees can also reserve workspaces and arrange after-hours access, handling all approvals via TEAMS or text messages.

Designed to meet dynamic market demands, the 4-door acre Smart Controller manages two doors with Wiegand or up to 4 doors with OSDP, supporting up to eight readers for comprehensive entry and exit management. Furthermore, acre introduces a lineup of multi-technology access control readers that enable mobile wallet and are fully compliant with OSDP standards and support a wide range of technologies, including NFC, Bluetooth, Smart (13.56 MHz), and Proximity (125 kHz.). Acre's solutions offer versatility and modern aesthetics, ensuring customers have the freedom and flexibility to set their migration path to secure credentials and ecosystems.

“As the security industry moves away from its reliance on hardware, it aligns more closely with rapid advancements in IoT and IT,” explains Darren Learmonth, CTO, acre security. “This shift signifies a broader trend towards systems that integrate better, work more efficiently and adapt to the evolving security and enterprise risk landscape.”

Today, the organization has more than 500 employees in 25 countries. For more information, visit