Iris ID adds Manusonic time and attendance software to its IrisTime iT100 terminal

May 24, 2021
Canadian developer targets mid-market users with customized solutions

Cranbury, N.J. USA – May 24, 2021 – Iris ID, the global leader in iris recognition technology for over 20 years, announced Ontario, Canada-based Manusonic has integrated its time and attendance software with the IrisTime iT100, Iris ID's customizable and contactless biometric time and attendance terminal. Manusonic provides time and attendance solutions to a wide variety of markets throughout North America.

Manusonic's software adds a broad selection of functions and features to the iT100 through integration with payroll, human resources, accounting, job costing and other customized end-user systems. The iT100's easy integration with software and back-office systems was a big attraction, said Dan Papakonstantino, president, Manusonic.

"We offer our customers bespoke time and attendance solutions, adapting our software to accommodate their specific requirements," he said. "With the iT100's simple integration, we stay true to what we see as an important business differentiator."

The iT100 uses dual biometric iris and face recognition readers, enabling quick, accurate and convenient authentication of employees as they clock in and out from up to two feet away – an important consideration during the COVID-19 pandemic. The authentication process takes about a second and is not affected by employees wearing gloves, masks or goggles. Payroll fraud, such as buddy punching, is virtually eliminated.

Papakonstantino said the iT100 tools available to administrators through an online control page enable them to quickly manage a small or large system, either all devices at once or just one at a time. From the settings page, administrators can power off units, reset time zones, determine which employees have access to which devices and much more.

Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and development, Iris ID, said Manusonic's highly robust and versatile time and attendance solution is ideal for meeting the needs of mid-market end users.

"Manusonic's dedication to conforming to a customer's needs– not the other way around – fits perfectly with our view of the IrisTime iT-100, an accurate, affordable and contactless solution for small to enterprise organizations," he said.

 The IrisTime iT100's open Android-based platform accommodates hundreds of current time and attendance apps while also enabling independent software vendors (ISVs) to create custom software solutions meeting any organization's specific time-keeping needs. The platform ships with a standard app fully capable of meeting the needs of many organizations.

For more information on the iT100, visit the Iris ID website.