Bank of Sacramento deploys AdmitOne Security's biometrics

May 5, 2008
Software used to secure mobile workforce and prevent unauthorized access

SEATTLE -- AdmitOne Security (formerly BioPassword), the leading innovator of risk-based authentication software for preventing the fraudulent use of digital identities, today announced that Bank of Sacramento is authenticating employees with its award-winning authentication product suite. Leveraging AdmitOne's software that identifies users by the rhythm of their typing, Bank of Sacramento is protecting sensitive data by only admitting users with proper credentials and typing rhythm. As the only provider of an in-band factor for verifying users, AdmitOne provides the benefit of a familiar user experience with unmatched fraud prevention.

According to a recent study, the severity of data breaches has doubled; therefore, stronger authentication is critical for today's financial institutions. With four branches, $350 million in assets, Bank of Sacramento chose the AdmitOne Authentication Suite for its ease of use and felt it was the superior option for providing an added layer of security, without disrupting workflow.

"For all banks, security is paramount, as we have a duty to protect our customers' confidential information," said Margaret Harkness, CIO of Bank of Sacramento. "AdmitOne provides a unique alternative to tokens and other cumbersome devices by easily securing access while alerting us to discrepancies in log-in activities."

The AdmitOne Authentication Suite links users to their digital identities using multiple factors, including keystroke dynamics, secure device signatures, one-time passwords and challenge-response questions. The Suite reduces risk and removes the most challenging security hurdles by combining requested authentication factors (a username and password) with in-band, observed factors (e.g., keystroke dynamics and device signature) to provide access. The Suite assesses the risk of fraud to determine confidence level of the user's identity. If the confidence score is too low, additional authentication factors (e.g., one-time password to email or SMS) can be employed based on assigned policies. The Suite delivers robust web-based administration and reporting capabilities to allow IT and security personnel to monitor and act on anomalies indicating potentially fraudulent activity.

"AdmitOne continues to gain momentum in the financial industry because our authentication suite is ideal for banks and credit unions of any size," said Mark Upson, CEO at AdmitOne Security. "Our unique approach is ensuring the Bank of Sacramento can continue to deliver exceptional customer service by effectively and efficiently securing access and thereby protecting customer data."