STOPware enhances visitor management capabilities with new technology integrations

March 21, 2016
Innovative PassagePoint software delivers functionality to meet needs across multiple industries

Pleasanton, CA (March 15, 2016) – STOPware™, Inc., the global leader in visitor management technology, has announced several new technology integrations for its PassagePoint® Visitor Management Software. Developed in partnership with leading technology provider partners, these integrations add powerful new capabilities that deliver improved visitor management for schools, hospitals, government agencies and more.

“As security applications move toward higher levels of integration, STOPware continues to stay ahead of the curve by adding new capabilities to PassagePoint,” said Paul Terschuren, CEO, STOPware, Inc. “These innovative technologies are the result of working closely with both end users and reseller partners to identify the features and functions customers need to stay in compliance with changing security requirements.”

A new HL7 Integration provides a powerful patient tracking module for healthcare facilities. Adhering to the Health Level 7 (HL7) standard for patient information in hospitals, the solution extracts patient information and its status in real time using ADT (Admissions/Discharge/Transfer) to direct visitors to the proper location during the check-in process. Additionally, PassagePoint HL7 automatically tracks max number of visitors allowed and the real-time status of visitors on the premises.

Ideal for government visitor management applications, the PassagePoint PIV Integration works with Codebench PIVCheck® to provide a three-step authentication process that processes PIV-compliant credentials in compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), which is required for most government facilities. The solution first extracts cardholder data from any PIV, TWIC, or CAC card, then validates the cardholder’s PIN, and finally, completes on-card biometrics matching. Once a cardholder is validated, PIVCheck Plus automatically creates FASC-N and CHUID as per the FIPS-201 requirements and prepares signed biometric and signed CHUID along with smart card print data in a format which can readily be processed by PassagePoint Global Visitor Management software via the PIVCheck plug-in. 

Through a partnership with a cutting-edge company that leads the industry in public records acquisition, PassagePoint now allows schools and children’s hospitals to instantly screen all visitors against a real-time sex offender database before granting permission to enter the premises. With a push of a button or auto-trigger, PassagePoint’s Sex Offender Search scans national and specific states’ live repository of sex offender listings, making the solution incredibly easy to use.

Another valuable screening service is with software provider MK Data. The MK Data integration with PassagePoint enables users to screen visitors against one of the most comprehensive databases of denied and restricted parties. This integration saves time while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance for a range of users including U.S. exporters, financial institutions, freight forwarders, and more.

PassagePoint’s access control integration capabilities continue to enable connection with access control systems from a number of leading manufacturers, including Software House, IDenticard, Lenel, Galaxy Control Systems, RS2, AMAG, and S2. These improve the security of buildings and corporate campuses while lowering overall costs. The PassagePoint access control integration provides a single interface that enables greater speed and accuracy in scanning and tracking visitors, as well as greater control via user-defined security access privileges and real-time activation and deactivation of badges. 

In addition to these technology integrations, STOPware has added the ruggedized DT Research Tablet to its popular line of Self-Registration Kiosks and Tablets. Pre-loaded with PassagePoint and integrated with the appropriate hardware, the Tablet enables a fully mobile visitor check-in process. A driver’s license scanner, camera and barcode scanner are built into the Tablet; the addition of a mobile printer makes it possible to verify visitors at any location including entry gates and checkpoints to create accurate audit trails. 

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