Zenitel announces intelligent communications in the age of voice

March 15, 2018
ISC West 2018 Booth #4083

KANSAS CITY, MO, April 10, 2018Zenitel, a leading supplier of intelligent communication solutions, announced a series of moves today that enhances its leadership in intelligible voice.

“This is the age of voice communications”, said Jim Hoffpauir, President of Zenitel North America. “We are experiencing it in our homes as well as in our organizations. Security executives are struggling to create actionable real-time response to operational and security incidents. We have removed the barriers of budget, integration, scale and cyber defensibility so they can enable voice communications throughout the organization.”

According to Hoffpauir, Zenitel is now offering the following innovations to meet this demand in the market:

  1. Budget Optimization: “With the latest generation of our Pulse technology you can remove the cost of purchasing, deploying and maintaining an external server”, said Hoffpauir.
  2. Interoperability: Zenitel can plug and play with leading access control, video surveillance management, and VoIP communications technology. “Real-time and pre-emptive incident response is now possible”, said Hoffpauir. “We have lowered the cost of deployment, the constraints of scale and the ease of integration so that you can augment your staff with virtual guard response at the time of need.
  3. Advanced Integration: Zenitel has created an integration module that can be embedded in organizational applications, such as parking, to enable crystal clear, intelligible voice at the edge to overcome disruptive and varying noise conditions in real-time.”
  4. Cyber Defensibility. Through CIS, a standards organization dedicated to cyber defensibility, Zenitel is redefining the scorecard for intelligibility and defensibility.