Identité introduces NoPass to make authentication simple, secure and passwordless

May 15, 2020
Patented innovation eliminates passwords in authentication

CLEARWATER, FL – MAY 14, 2020 – Identité, a new company founded by a team of security and enterprise software veterans, today announced its solution to make authentication simple and secure for all users – without the use of passwords. NoPass™ is the first highly secure alternative to password-based authentication designed with the end user in mind.

Suitable for eCommerce sites, workplace and business applications, financial, healthcare, and even government use, NoPass eliminates passwords with a three-factor authentication system that is faster than passwords. It’s easy to implement, compliant with all industry standards and features a patented process known as Full Duplex Authentication™ (two-way).

“According to research from Verizon, over 80% of all data breaches involve stolen passwords,” said John Hertrich, president and CEO of Identité. “Not only are passwords an overwhelming source of security breaches, but they’re a source of frustration for online users. Attempts to eliminate passwords have produced solutions that are expensive, lack the level of security necessary to fully counter cyber threats and force end users to jump through hoops with every log-in. We developed NoPass to solve these problems and make authentication truly simple and secure.”

Simple and Secure

NoPass, a patented solution, takes under 10 seconds for the end-user to set up initially, and even less time to log-in. All that’s required is a smartphone.

Websites enabled with NoPass incorporate a QR code that the user simply scans with their smartphone (or taps, if accessing the site from the mobile device). Once the free NoPass app is installed on the user’s phone, future authentications automatically launch the NoPass app which uses a combination of an image and number for simple visual verification and the built-in biometric capabilities of the device.

Because NoPass is a Full Duplex Authentication system, it uniquely verifies both the app on the user’s device and the connection to the server. All chances for man-in-the-middle, spoofing or phishing attacks are eliminated.

Founded by Security Experts

NoPass was developed by a team of leading security experts like Hertrich, who has founded or successfully spun off multiple technology firms including Professional Software Associates and Zinc Software Services, acquired by Wind River Systems. Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Joe Skocich has over 20 years of experience in Identity and Access Management including 17 years at IBM, where he was a founder of the IBM Security Business Unit.

“NoPass is not only ultra-secure, but super simple for any type of user. It’s also flexible enough to accommodate many different industries and user scenarios - from finance and insurance to healthcare, telecommunications, ecommerce and state and local governments,” said Skocich. “Pricing is about half that of authentication alternatives. Companies find that without passwords, there is not a credential vault to be hacked and the user experience improves dramatically.”

Easy Implementation

NoPass is built on the latest Docker container platform, making it easy to deploy in private or public clouds. Today more workers are remote and simple and secure multi-factor authentication is essential in protecting the enterprise.  To help with this, NoPass supports Radius to enable easy setup as a multi-factor authentication for Active Directory, VPN and other systems.  An SDK will be available for incorporating NoPass Full Duplex Authentication into any mobile application.

Identité is backed with a seed round of funding.

Identité offers a white paper, live NoPass demonstration and free sales and implementation training. For more information, visit

About Identité: Identité™ was founded to establish a new industry standard for simple, secure online user authentication. Its flagship solution, NoPass™, forever eliminates the need for passwords—the overwhelming vulnerability for online fraud and theft. Suited for both corporate/employee and consumer use, NoPass features three-factor identification and Full Duplex Authentication™. For end users, NoPass takes just seconds to set up and even less time to use, with no passwords ever required. Identité is a member of the FIDO alliance. To learn more, go to