Vpod, Vector Flow form strategic partnership

April 20, 2023
This partnership is designed to reimagine workforce management processes and experiences for banking, corporate real estate, pharma and more.

Saratoga, CA (April 20, 2022) – Vector Flow, the industry leader and innovator of AI and data-driven physical security solutions, announced a new partnership with Vpod Solutions, a visionary of human-centric workplace technologies and consultancy. This partnership effectively reimagines workforce management processes and experiences for banking, corporate real estate, pharma, and more.

“Our partnership with Vpod creates a seamless integration between physical security and front of house services that are inviting yet simple and secure,” says Ajay Jain, Founder and CEO of Vector Flow. “This partnership delivers on the greater market demand for more modernized and automated workspaces.”

This new partnership specifically sees Vpod’s Vgreet Virtual Reception Kiosk brought to life with Vector Flow’s Physical Workforce and Identity Management platform.

Vpod’s Vgreet Virtual Reception is an employee and visitor management kiosk that delivers an amplified reception experience and poses ROI to modern businesses by reducing administrative costs and improving efficiencies. More than a visitor management kiosk, Vgreet is a cloud-based software that connects siloed systems, facilitating booking resources, checking in visitors and employees, handling deliveries, and more – all on one centralized reception kiosk.

When integrated with Vector Flow’s Physical Workforce and Identity Management platform, Vgreet’s visitor management capabilities are further enhanced. Many aspects of the visitor and employee identity lifecycle are now automated through a single interface that provides users with the best and most secure identity management experience. Capabilities include automatic access provisioning, AI-based recommendations to tasks and compliance audits, employee occupancy tracking, smart mustering, and more.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Streamlined Workplace Management - Vpod Solutions and Vector Flow combine their expertise in workplace management software and AI-powered occupancy tracking to deliver a seamless workplace management experience. With these joint solutions, customers can efficiently manage their workforce, reception, resources, and facilities, ensuring a productive and safe work environment.
  • Optimized Occupancy Management - Vector Flow and Vpod Solutions’ joint offering provides access to a centralized platform with real-time occupancy tracking and analysis to help you optimize your office space utilization. This solution leverages advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to provide insights into space usage patterns, identify bottlenecks, and enable efficient space planning.
  • Improved Security Procedures – The collaboration between Vpod’s visitor management system and Vector Flow’s security solutions enables a higher level of security that starts at reception and connects throughout the facility to keep security management well informed. With real-time occupancy tracking and end-to-end data encryption, the solutions upgrade both digital & physical security.
  • Enhanced Visitor Experience - Both companies deliver a superior visitor experience by offering a range of self-service options, including pre-registration and fast check-in. Such offerings empower visitors to navigate facilities with ease, thus reducing wait times and improving overall safety and satisfaction.

“This partnership enables organizations to improve both overall security and automate access management processes,” says Paul Twitchell, Group Executive Director, Vpod. “Our collaboration enhances our workplace technology offering and we’re very excited to be working with Ajay and the team in all regions."