, Sterling extend exclusive partnership through 2028

July 20, 2023 a digital identity and credentials network, and Sterling Check Corp., the largest provider of identity and background services, announced an extension to their exclusive agreement through July 2028. The agreement was initially established in January 2021. This extension reconfirms the two market leaders’ commitment to meeting the growing need for innovative identity solutions for U.S. employers.

Through the initial investment and collaboration since 2021, and Sterling brought to market the only identity-first solution that enhances pre-employment screening and strengthens hiring practices. This solution enables employers to confirm candidate identity through multiple methods – telecom/device, government issued ID, biometric face matching, and more. Sterling and have the only solution that we believe ensures 100% of legitimate candidates can complete the identity verification process, whether online, through video chat, or in-person.

When employers verify identity upfront, they ensure accurate candidate information and improve screening results, which reduces employment fraud and increases safety. Recent results from early adopters uncovered an average of 45% more criminal results across 110K background checks when identity verification was completed as part of the hiring process. With over 100 million verified Americans part of the Digital Identity Network, more than 1 in 3 job candidates have already confirmed their identity with, making it seamless for Sterling’s clients to enable their candidates to verify identity at the start of the screening process.

In May 2023, the and Sterling identity offering became the first omnichannel solution to earn Kantara’s Trustmark for Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2), meeting federal digital identity guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This certification enables federal, state, and local US governments to deliver omnichannel, NIST-compliant access to identity verification through the and Sterling solutions.

“The customer experience is at the heart of who we are as a company,” said Blake Hall, founder and CEO of “Customers and clients are best served when they have confidence that accessibility and optionality are addressed alongside the highest privacy and security standards. Our partnership and shared vision with Sterling have taken the commitment to these standards to new heights.” and Sterling are collaborating to introduce new offerings in the coming months and years, including expanded solutions to help companies protect against interview fraud and streamline I-9 document verification.

“Getting background checks right means getting identity right. Identity is the foundational component to any trust and safety program,” said Josh Peirez, CEO of Sterling. “We are thrilled to extend our exclusive partnership with and continue together delivering innovative identity-first solutions to our clients.”

With more companies requiring identity as a standard part of their hiring processes, the partnership between Sterling and is expected to continue to lead the way, modernizing and simplifying an identity-first approach for clients.

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