Clare Controls releases software update, new Auxiliary Touch Panel and suite of compatible hardware products

Feb. 10, 2021
New software update adds live surveillance viewing and increases third party integration, while new hardware products expand installation possibilities

CHARLOTTE, NC, February 5, 2021 – Clare Controls, maker of the powerful ClareOne wireless security and home automation system distributed exclusively by SnapAV, today released a ClareOne v1.2.10/9.1.5 software update that broadens the system’s capabilities, including live surveillance camera viewing on ClareOne panels and the ClareOne app, as well as support for multiple third-party water sensors and shutoff devices.

At the same time, the company also debuted five powerful new products: the ClareOne Auxiliary Touch Panel, the ClareOne Wireless Repeater/Translator, the ClareVue Outdoor 40 Amp Z-Wave Switch, a designer brown-colored ClareOne Door/Window Sensor with Shock Detector, the ClareOne Wireless Ceiling-Mount 360-Degree Motion Detector.

“ClareOne’s software update builds on our promise to provide peace of mind. Paired with the release of multiple ClareOne hardware devices – including a new touch panel – that extend the range, functionality and accessibility of the system, these enhancements make the ClareOne system an even better value for businesses and homeowners that require a powerful, easy-to-use security and surveillance solution,” Choate said.

The new v1.2.10/9.1.5 software enables live display of feeds from the Luma 510 NVR, Luma IP cameras, the Clare NVR, ClareVision cameras and the Clare Doorbell on any ClareOne panel, auxiliary touch panel or in the ClareOne mobile app. With added support for Aeotec Z-Wave water sensors and door/window sensors, plus automatic water shutoff valves from Dome, Econet and Homeseer, end-users can rest easy knowing their water lines are fully monitored and protected.

Additionally, the newly released seven-inch ClareOne Auxiliary Touch Panel extends user access by offering both wall-mount and tabletop operation with a proximity sensor that automatically awakens when a presence is detected, then dims after a user-specified time period. It can be powered through the included 120V power supply or over Cat5 with the Clare Touchpanel Power Extension Kit.

The immediately available new ClareOne Wireless Repeater/Translator performs dual functions, allowing integrators to extend the range of existing ClareOne security sensors by thousands of feet, or to translate and integrate existing wireless signals from Honeywell® 5800 series, 2GIG®, GE®, Napco®, Legacy DSC®, Qolsys®, or Interlogix® sensors. The module has its own battery backup and is fully supervised by the ClareOne Panel. It is an ideal item for integrators to keep in stock as it can help solve a range of on-site problems from RF interference to surprise equipment takeovers.

Also ready for ordering today is the ClareVue Outdoor 40 Amp Z-Wave Switch, which provides a weatherproof outdoor junction to add control for fountains, pool pumps, spas, lighting, water heaters or other large load devices. It can support one large 277V device drawing up to 11,000 watts or two 120V devices. Through its included Z-Wave Plus Transmitter, it allows monitoring of outdoor devices, enables notifications, and allows new devices to be included in scenes, schedules and automations.

The ClareOne Door/Window Sensor with Shock Detector is one of the most popular sensors, and the new Brown-colored version offers even more appealing options to designers and users to serve any room need. It is in stock and ready to ship to integrators.

The ClareOne Wireless Ceiling Mount 360-Degree Motion Sensor is a small, unobtrusive device with a long battery life and ability to mount on ceilings up to 12 feet high. With a range of up to 2,000 feet, it is an excellent choice to add discreet motion detection in commercial and small business environments. It is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping by late February.

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