Shot Tracer showcases accurate and affordable gunshot detection solutions at ISC West 2019

April 10, 2019
Patented solutions as easy to install as smoke detectors

Las Vegas, NV (April 10, 2019) Shot Tracer®, the innovator in high-performance, affordably-priced gunshot detection solutions, is displaying its innovative portfolio of gunshot detection solutions here at ISC West 2019 (booth #1092). New product introductions on display include the Shot Tracer Eagle Eyes Integrated Gunshot Sensor and Camera System that integrates the company’s patented gunshot sensor technology with wide area video capabilities and auto-push IP notifications, and the Shot Tracer Hawk Outdoor Gunshot Detection Sensor which extends the unparalleled accuracy of the company’s highly accurate gunshot detection technology to exterior locations.

Also featured at ISC West are Shot Tracer’s renowned Eagle Indoor Gunshot Detection Sensor, Eagle Universal Alarm Panel and Gunshot Simulator Kit. Shot Tracer has also launched a new reseller recruitment program with a highly attractive on-boarding proposition for qualified dealers here at the show.

“No one wants to think that their facility, office or school needs to think about an active shooter incident, but the reality is that virtually all entertainment, workplace and school venues are threatened by this epidemic,” said Allan Overcast, CEO and President of Shot Tracer Technologies. “Shot Tracer offers the most accurate and cost-effective means to best manage active shooter situations from the instant an incident begins to unfold. And our products are designed for easy installation, making implementation fast, easy and economical.”

The new Shot Tracer Eagle Eyes Integrated Gunshot Sensor and Camera System combines the company’s patented gunshot detection sensor technology with three wide angle 5MP cameras. The instant a gunshot is detected, Shot Tracer Eagle Eyes’ cameras automatically activate to capture highly detailed still images with SMS, email, JSON, Android and IOS IP notification. Deployment is as easy as installing any IP device on a network, but without the need for any servers or external monitoring services. Only power is required.

Also new from Shot Tracer, the Hawk Outdoor Gunshot Detection Sensor integrates easily with virtually any security, alarm, surveillance and access system via contact closure (Hawk AP) – or wirelessly via IP integration (Hawk IP). Upon detection of a gunshot, Hawk AP immediately sends an alert to the facility's alarm panel, providing the exact time and location of the gunshot, and if it was a single or multiple gunshot event. This eliminates the need for any additional external monitoring services. Hawk IP sends alerts of detected gunshots’ time, location and number of shots fired over Verizon (USA) or Vodafone (Global) wireless services to user-designated individuals including local police and medical facilities. A PAN Wireless option is also available to pair Hawk IP sensors with other wireless sensors.

Designed for indoor solutions, the Shot Tracer Eagle Gunshot Detection System is so advanced, it’s simple. It easily integrates with virtually any security, alarm, surveillance and access system via contact closure – or wirelessly via IP integration. The units are as easy to install as a smoke detector, so there’s virtually no learning curve for installing dealers. Additionally, Shot Tracer Eagle is designed for independent operation, eliminating the need for expensive servers or call centers. Resellers will also find that Shot Tracer Eagle provides a highly-profitable new source of revenue earning up to 35% profit on every sensor installed with the potential for additional Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR).

Also on display are the Eagle AP Universal Alarm Panel that utilizes simple contact closure outputs. The fully self-contained unit does not require any servers for operation. Shot Tracer is also displaying its Gunshot Simulator Kit, which is an essential tool for resellers installing and testing gunshot detection products.

As part of a new initiative to recruit qualified dealers, Shot Tracer has also launched a highly attractive on-boarding proposition for qualified dealers. Qualifying resellers can receive a Gunshot Simulator Kit valued at $1,000 when they commit to becoming a Shot Tracer dealer. Interested dealers can get information from Shot Tracer at ISC West in booth #1092 or by visiting

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