Omnilert AI Gun Detect now part of the Raptor Ready Partner Program

Nov. 3, 2022
Raptor Technologies and Omnilert announced the technology integration of their safety offerings to enhance security to enhance security for K12 school districts.

Raptor Technologies, the leading provider of school safety software, and Omnilert, the leader in emergency communication and active shooter solutions, today announced the technology integration of their best-in-class safety offerings to enhance security for K-12 school districts.

The integration combines Omnilert's active shooter solutions with Raptor's robust emergency management and reunification tools, setting new, high standards for protection, response and recovery during emergencies. Omnilert's AI Gun Detection solution delivers improved accuracy and sub-second detection of potential active shooter gun threats.

Now, any K-12 school utilizing Raptor Technologies can receive a notification from Omnilert and automatically initiate the school's emergency response protocol via Raptor Connect.

"School districts across the country understand the importance of detecting threats and speeding response," said Chris Noell, chief product officer, Raptor Technologies. "By integrating with Omnilert, we are expanding the ways schools can rapidly access Raptor Alert to initiate response protocols and notify staff in the event of a school emergency."

The Raptor Connect integration platform enables native, bi-directional integration with a school's digital security systems and peripherals. This means you can activate an emergency response from a single point instead of activating separate systems. It also allows each component to talk to one another. Raptor Connect streamlines a school's digital emergency response activations, expediting notifications and minimizing the impact of the situation.

"Every student deserves to learn in a safe environment, and with our active shooter solution, K-12 schools now have 24/7 monitoring that is not prone to human error, can identify guns and then activate emergency plans in mere seconds," said Dave Fraser, CEO, Omnilert. "Unfortunately, our world faces a growing prevalence of school violence, which is why we have been working relentlessly to assemble the most comprehensive portfolio of technologies -- from advanced AI and emergency notification system (ENS) capabilities to IP-based paging and intercoms, video management systems and more." 

Omnilert Gun Detect's open architecture allows for interoperability with other services and systems to work within an organization's existing tools and workflows. Unlike alternatives that merely identify weapons and notify first responders, Omnilert's solution recognizes a firearm and the human movements and behavior consistent with gun violence and then automates a full response plan within seconds to help keep people safe.