Magal-Senstar Inc. Releases DreamBox’s Next Generation Security Management System

Sept. 26, 2006
The system will be showcased at the ASIS International 2006 Security Show, in San Diego, CA

FREMONT, CA. – September 25, 2006 – DreamBox, a division of Magal-Senstar, Inc. (MSI), a member of the Magal Group and manufacturer of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection systems, announced today the release of its next-generation Security Management System that is part of the DreamBox solution. The Security Management System provides centralized management of a broad array of security network systems and devices, including the division’s flagship product, the DreamBox.

The DreamBox is a state-of-the-art, intelligent video, audio and sensors management platform that is suitable for high-security facilities such as airports, seaports, train stations, utility companies and refinery facilities. As an integrated solution of hardware and software products that performs multiple critical security functions in one box, DreamBox offers local and networked digital video and audio recording (DVR/NVR), intelligent video analysis (IVA), virtual video matrix switching, two-way audio and site security management. The Security Management System provides the overarching management software to control and monitor the DreamBox as well as other devices in the security environment.

“Our new Security Management System is ideal for corporate environments as well as public facilities,” said Yossi Massafi, general manager for DreamBox USA. “In today’s complex security settings, security personnel must be able to manage and share critical data from a multiplicity of sources and have real-time awareness of security threats or breaches. DreamBox’s Security Management System brings all that into one platform, accelerating response time and preventing escalation of security issues.”

DreamBox’s Security Management System can serve as the primary productivity and management tool in the security control room, providing real-time information on the status of security devices, alarms, threats and suspicious activity. The new system is a Microsoft® Windows-based application that has a completely redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) for ease-of-use and one-click navigation. DreamBox’s Security Management System is fully configurable and customizable for unique network environments and multiple users. It also allows easy integration with a variety of security platforms which was not previously available, such as license plate recognition or PDA and mobile video communication solutions.

Massafi continued, “With the new Security Management System, security personnel are always ‘a click away’ from reviewing intelligent video alarms and more important, they are able to react quickly and efficiently. In addition, although this is a new application for DreamBox, this platform was built on field-proven technology and experience from Magal-Senstar, a trusted industry leader.”

About DreamBox DreamBox is a division of Magal-Senstar, Inc. based in California. The division’s flagship product, the DreamBox, is an intelligent CCTV platform that is fully configurable and customizable to provide multiple critical security functions in one box including local and networked digital video recording (DVR/NVR), intelligent video analysis (IVA) and comprehensive security network management.

About Magal-Senstar, Inc. Magal-Senstar is a leader in outdoor perimeter intrusion detection products providing early warning of intrusions into secure areas, reducing the risk of terror acts, theft, vandalism, sabotage, kidnapping and escape. For more than 30 years, Magal-Senstar’s products have been used to protect people and valuable assets in high-security applications such as correctional facilities, military and government sites, VIP residences, airports, utilities and nuclear sites. Magal-Senstar’s product line includes buried cable sensors, fence sensors, electrostatic field sensors, portable sensors, microwave sensors, infrared LED illuminators, personal alarm systems and system integration tools. The company is a member of the Magal Group of Companies, which has operations in the United States, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico and China.