Video Doman Unveils Dual Technology Outdoor Detector

April 12, 2006
RedZone detector combines PIR and video motion detection

The company has also introduced its first outdoor detector - the RedZone RC-1524D. It uses a unique dual technology combination - Twin Dual Element Passive InfraRed (PIR) and Outdoor Video Motion Detection (VMD) - that provides optimum performance and solves the problem of false alarms in outdoor conditions.

RedZone RC-1524D works on dual-detection PIR + VMD technologies that must activate simultaneously to create an alarm condition, ensuring maximum accuracy and reliability.

The twin dual element PIR, based on the latest ASIC technology, ensures accuracy & reliability by the following methods: 1) It continuously analyzes conditions and adapts accordingly. 2) It stimulates 3-D stereo vision, thereby "seeing" a wider protected area. 3) It ignores changes in air temperature, while responding to the infrared changes caused by an intruder.

The advanced outdoor VMD technology enables maximum accuracy and greatly reducing false alarms. It has the following advanced functionalities: 1) Enables the user to pre-configure Areas of Interest (AOI) in order to detect only in areas relevant for possible intrusion, by masking irrelevant areas. 2) Can be set to detect human size objects, eliminating detection of irrelevant objects such as animals, birds & insects. 3) Can perform "Directional Detection" by distinguishing between "approaching" and "receding" directions if required.

Video Domain's unique technologies makes RedZone RC-1524D the most advanced real working solution for outdoor detection.

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