New Panasonic Cordless Phone Taps Into Security System

Jan. 12, 2005
Cordless phone can control ADT home security systems, will be available through retail only

Las Vegas -- A host of new technologies in Panasonic's cordless lineup includes the industry's first cordless system to control a home security system.

A host of other new technologies for Panasonic includes color LCD screens, icon-based menus, photo caller ID on a 1.6-inch LCD screen, lighted antennas, and a voice changer feature that changes the voice of the user in three ways --high, deep, or "fun."

A "true sound ringer" recording function lets users record up to two minutes of sound from any audio source to use as a ringer.

All of the company's cordless offerings will use digital frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology. Pricing was not available.

The security-system-controlling phone, the $199-suggested KXTG2970B, controls professionally installed ADT security systems. The phone, however, will be sold through retail and not direct by ADT. It can work with pre-existing ADT alarm systems or spur consumers to buy a security system because it will eliminate installation of a wall panel, said national marketing manager Wayne Borg.

The phone's corded base station features a keypad for controlling the alarm system's functions; the included cordless handset can also perform several alarm functions. The 2970 also lets ADT service reps establish a two-way speaker phone conversation.

The phone is a 2.4GHz digital phone with caller ID, ITAD, and expandability to three accessory handsets.

Panasonic sought ADT compatibility, Borg said, because ADT is the largest alarm company in the country, giving Panasonic a potential avenue to sell to six million current ADT subscribers.