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The SecurityInfoWatch.com Miscellaneous Tracking Solutions product category is a collection of news, product listings and other resources for security professionals researching non-traditional technologies for various tracking applications.
Asset and GPS Tracking

Traka Personnel Lockers

Ideal for hybrid and shared workspaces, college campuses, or corporate facilities where staff and visitors need a place to safely stow personal items.
StarLink eConnect enables a unique anti-theft solution that counters these recent tactics commonly used by car thieves. StarLink eConnect is based on ERM's powerful vehicle tracking device family and includes an add-on patented technology for jamming mitigation and location networking.
Asset and GPS Tracking

ERM advanced telematics introduces anti-theft vehicle tracking solution

StarLink eConnect improves stolen vehicle recovery rates with unique jamming mitigation technique and location networking capabilities
Visual Command Center helps organizations take command of risk by providing a real-time, common operating picture of their assets, personnel and operations in relation to potential threats to those assets
Asset and GPS Tracking

IDV Solutions and NC4 announce technical partnership, integration

Enterprise Risk Visualization software integrated with Enterprise Incident Feed gives early alerts to risks
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Philadelphia is looking into piloting gunshot detection technology from ShotSpotter.
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Technology that strives to deter crime while changing hearts and minds

April 3, 2015
SST blends old fashion policing with hands on community relations to bring gun violence down
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The proliferation of tracking technology in recent years has enabled businesses and the government to pinpoint the exact location of cellphone users within centimeters.
Asset and GPS Tracking

Proliferation of tracking technology reaps security benefits, sparks privacy concerns

March 18, 2014
Government and businesses developing tools to leverage data being collected on people’s movements
The UMTS-3G Cellular Module lets PERS-4200 users cut landline cords and communicate solely through cellular service, or keep the landline and have 3G wireless connectivity as a PERS system backup.
Alarm Systems & Intrusion Detection

Linear PERS-4200

Feb. 21, 2014
New PERS-4200 modules provide 3G wireless capabilities and remote voice communication in multiple areas.
Susteen, Inc., a leading provider of mobile forensics solutions, announced today the release of Secure View 3 (SV3) NUC. This human palm size device built on the newest NUC hardware platform will continue to allow our law enforcement, military, federal and corporate security customers to deploy SV3 Mobile Forensics with high portability, strong analytics and added security.
Asset and GPS Tracking

New forensic platform for data recovery promises high portability, strong analytics

Sept. 11, 2013
Human palm size device built on the newest NUC hardware platform continues to support law enforcement, others who deploy SV3 mobile forensics
Alert System's Alert MetalGuard detects booster bags (often disguised as a shopping bag, purse, or backpack) at entry doors or other locations.
Asset and GPS Tracking

Instant notification of booster bag entry into store

Heightened awareness reduces retail theft and helps avoid violent confrontations
This name change signals the introduction of additional functionality and new customer service plans, designed to improve the user experience and increase revenue for resellers.
Uplink 10217856
Asset and GPS Tracking

Re-branded Uplink GPS, offers enhanced plans and features

June 19, 2013
Company’s brings enriched functionality and new revenue opportunities for resellers
Asset and GPS Tracking

Hugs Infant Protection Solution

June 18, 2013
Solution offers advanced security in hospital-wide infant protection
Guardly provides mobile safety apps and cloud infrastructure for enterprise and public safety.
Asset and GPS Tracking

Guardly releases industry-first integrated indoor positioning system

April 10, 2013
Delivers the effectiveness of Wireline E911 public safety networks to private enterprises, enabling them to receive hyper-local, indoor location data for emergency calls from ...
The Nox Sting Kit is a unique Plug-and-Play RFID and video surveillance solution that reveals on a facility map the movements of people and assets in real time.
Asset and GPS Tracking

IDSecurityOnline.com now offering RFID solutions

April 2, 2013
IDSecurityOnline.com has partnered with SimplyRFID to offer a full line of RFID solutions