Brink's Tapped Again by J.D. Power for Customer Satisfaction Excellence

April 23, 2007
Monitoring firm's call centers audited on training, recruiting, quality assurance

It's a sad fact, but it's not often that American consumers equate contact centers with customer satisfaction at RMR type businesses -- a trend especially true in the alarm industry. In the security alarm industry, however, Brink's Home Security is bucking that trend.

The company was recognized for the fourth consecutive year by J.D. Power and Assoicates for customer satisfaction excellence in contact center operations. The recognition was part of J.D. Power's Certified Call Center Program.

Brink's Home Security has two contact/call centers that handle all of the calls, alarms, and emails that the company's 1.1 million customers create. The J.D. Power and Associates recognition involves an audit of contact center attributes such as training, management, incentives, recruiting, quality assurance and more.

This marks the first time any company has been recognized four years in a row by the call center program.