Micro Key Solutions partners with National Monitoring Center

April 26, 2013
Micro Key’s Dealer Synch product provides an interface between dealers and central stations

Kissimmee, Fl. -- April 26, 2013 -- Micro Key Solutions announced a recent partnership with National Monitoring Center. This partnership will allow National Monitoring Center’s dealers that use Micro Key’s Millennium Management software to synch with the National Monitoring Central Station.

Micro Key’s Dealer Synch product provides a true Single Point of Entry interface between Dealers and Central Stations. It allows for automatic updates and seamless communications between calls lists, call zones, account testing and alarm history. This will ensure that all data is up-to-date and accurate, which will result in increased efficiency, decreased time expenditure and reduced labor costs.

“Our company continues to search for like-minded customers and partnerships that will positively impact our industry” said Micro Key President, Victoria Ferro.
Like Micro Key Solutions, National Monitoring Center provides the highest quality of service and support to their dealers, which is why this partnered synchronization will provide a great benefit the National Monitoring Dealers that currently or will use Micro Key’s Management Software.

"National Monitoring Center is always looking for ways to help our dealers increase efficiency and reduce cost. This is line with our commitment to support our dealers so that they can focus on growing their business," commented Woodie Andrawos, Executive Vice President of National Monitoring Center.

As an exclusive incentive for National Monitoring dealers, Micro Key is offering a new product offering of their Millennium Management Software, called Dealer Essentials. The Dealer Essentials package includes Accounts Receivable, Service Tracking and One Workstation.