DICE reduces VoIP Issues through integrated telecom services

April 14, 2015

Las Vegas, NV April 13, 2015 -- Over the past few years DICE Corporation has seen significant growth in our software sales, as a result of our now UL Listed, Hosted Cloud based solutions centers. “These centers exposed DICE to telecom problems that our industry faces and pushed DICE to invest in managing what clearly is the next evolution of the security industry.” said Cliff Dice, Founder and Chief Engineer of DICE Corp.

“As a software automation supplier, DICE would see carrier service problems when a center reported communications outages. We could see that our software was running, so clearly the issues lay in our client’s telecom network. We had no way to troubleshoot a telecommunication issue and we found that dealing with a retail or even wholesale carrier provided limited information as these providers couldn’t define the problem, let alone solve it. Retail carriers also didn’t have any kind of redundancy to manage these outages as well, leaving our clients down sometimes for hours. Allowing us or our alarm clients to talk with who created the telecom issues such as VoIP was also out of the question.” says Cliff Dice. Behind each call is a global spider web of telecommunications networks that send your call signals through whatever connections the telecom provider finds cheapest and best for voice calls but not the best for alarm signals and calls. Thus centers simply see the calls that come in and never know how they were routed, who touched the call, or who might have affected that call on route to the central station.

As a hosted solutions provider DICE was forced to address these issues, as DICE was now responsible for telecommunication transmissions. We made a huge investment in new people with new skill sets, which has never been needed in the industry before by an automation software supplier. We were also forced to find a way to control and manage the telecom service provider’s problems, given that alarm panel signals are coming to a monitoring center on very old and now ever changing telecom networks. DICE needed to find a way to control our hosted clients’ telecommunications paths and signaling success.

So DICE created a telecom carrier group to focus on just telecom issues. We also needed to build the software to provide our monitoring facilities with first, carrier redundancy and secondly, an unprecedented level of control over the telecom signal paths to ensure call delivery.

The industry has been plagued with VoIP issues from call aggregators and back-haulers’ (the signal carrier) networks. “DICE and our telecom network grabs the call signal now from the originating carrier and brings it to our hosted centers on our network connections, so if there is an issue routing this call, DICE knows who the issue came from and who to hold responsible. More importantly, if there is an issue, Dice can move these calls to one of our many carrier networks” said Cliff Dice. So Dice can now manage call delivery, which no one has been able to do before in our industry. Call delivery is one of the most critical parts of the monitoring industry and until now it has been outside of the industry’s control, but that has all changed with what DICE has done. It’s a major game changer.

To provide these services DICE and its new telecom group needed to become a specialized telecommunications service provider with connections in the back haulers’ Central Offices within both the U.S. and Canada. We also needed to become a Telecommunications provider who can manage, control, and distribute 800 numbers and their call delivery paths as well as issue local telecom numbers anywhere in the US and Canada. There are only 450 companies in the entire world who do 800 number management and DICE is now one of them. DICE also invested in programmers, systems, and the needed support personnel to build, manage, monitor, and support our new telecom infrastructure, which initially was for our hosting center and has now been expanded to service alarm centers and their telecom installations.

What was designed for our UL hosted centers is now driving signaling and voice systems for all of our DICE clients. In fact, in one fully owned and managed DICE center, we expedited their call delivery speed by a major factor due to our rapid digital connection rates and they required one less operator, per shift, to manage all of their calls now in the alarm center.

Cliff Dice stated “DICE has embraced and controlled the VoIP issues rather than fight them. We don’t struggle with VoIP or other signaling issues because we have better control over our communication paths and routes. DICE can also route calls within the telecom network that would plague a traditional telecom carrier and while most carriers could care less about alarm signals, DICE specializes in them.”

About DICE

DICE provides Monitoring, Event and Incident Management software as well as End to End Business Management Solutions. The DICE Monitoring, Event and Incident Management Software has over one thousand feature flags already built into it and it’s growing all the time. Any company, small to large, can create their perfect monitoring and event management solution, specific to their businesses goals by selecting just the features you need to manage your monitoring processes.

The DICE Matrix Business Support tools include the Matrix iPBX, Matrix Service and Installation Manager, Matrix Customer Relationship Manager, Matrix Mobile Sales Manager, Matrix Commercial, many Matrix apps and applications including Fire Inspection; apps where an end user can cancel their alarms, and all apps are branded in your company’s name. DICE also provides Disaster Recovery services, Telecom services and all of their solutions can be hosted or fully owned.

DICE’s automated monitoring and business solutions are designed to streamline your monitoring and business efficiencies, ensuring that you produce the highest quality monitoring and service resulting with the fewest number of employees to handle the job. This reduces your company’s operating costs, increasing your bottom line result.

Additionally, DICE continues to provide new ways to streamlining your business efficiencies and/or adding new RMR sales. For more information go to www.dicecorp.com.


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