Sonitrol-Kimberlite sets new apprehension assist record

Jan. 28, 2016
Fresno monitoring center assisted law enforcement in more than 24 apprehensions per week in 2015

FRESNO, CA- January 19, 2016 – For the second consecutive year, Sonitrol-Kimberlite Corporation’s (Sonitrol-Kimberlite) central alarm monitoring station has assisted law enforcement in more arrests of criminal trespassers and burglars than any other security organization in the United States. Sonitrol-Kimberlite, California’s leading provider of verified electronic security for businesses, schools and homes, assisted law enforcement in 1,254 apprehensions in 2015 – an increase of nearly four more apprehensions per week from the previous record of 1,081 apprehensions set by Sonitrol-Kimberlite just last year.

Sonitrol-Kimberlite’s year-over-year growth – building upon what is already one of the industry’s best track records – can be attributed to the capabilities and efficiency of its verified alarm monitoring system. The company’s verified alarms are monitored by live operators 24 hours a day from Sonitrol-Kimberlite’s central monitoring station in Fresno. Sonitrol-Kimberlite’s advantage in protecting its customer’s property as an alarm provider is in monitoring each and every disturbance from the properties of its armed alarms. Where most monitoring stations are unable to assess the details of an alarm disturbance (which generally leads to immediate request for dispatch from law enforcement), trained Sonitrol-Kimberlite operators assess disturbances before most alarms are ever triggered, allowing for discretion as to whether law enforcement should be dispatched to the scene.

The benefits of Sonitrol-Kimberlite’s human intelligence element in the alarm monitoring process include the ability to provide law enforcement with real-time details regarding potentially dangerous situations should police be dispatched, which leads to significantly increased credibility and rapport with local police departments and emergency dispatchers. The compounded effect of highly trained operators’ attention to detail and the relationships it creates with local police departments allows Sonitrol-Kimberlite to apprehend more criminals and maximize community resources by combatting false alarm rates at more than double the efficiency of the national average.

“The numbers have established beyond question that verified alarms are the best technology in the electronic security industry,” said Joey Rao-Russell, President and CEO of Sonitrol-Kimberlite Corporation. “But that’s not enough for us. The Sonitrol-Kimberlite central station continues to prove that focus towards accomplishing a common goal garners amazing results. Not only does this team outperform all traditional alarms year-after-year, but it has become our standard to out-perform ourselves as well.”

Sonitrol-Kimberlite operates 14 Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security franchises throughout California, and provides protection to homes, schools, businesses and communities in Bakersfield, Berkeley-Richmond, Contra Costa County, Fresno, Marin County, Modesto, Napa County, Northwest Los Angeles/Ventura County, Oakland, San Francisco, Solano County, Sonoma County, Southern Alameda County, and Stockton.

Sonitrol-Kimberlite is consistently recognized as one of the top providers in the Sonitrol network, as well as one of the top security companies in North America. Sonitrol-Kimberlite has been recognized as a top 100 U.S. company by the electronic security industry for each of the past 12 years.

About Sonitrol-Kimberlite

Sonitrol-Kimberlite protects business, schools, homes and communities throughout California with a single source of integrated, state-of-the-art verified electronic security solutions for intrusion, video, access and fire. Utilizing Sonitrol’s Impact-Activated Audio Verification technology, professionally monitoring by experienced, trained personnel, Sonitrol-Kimberlite’s ability to verify an intrusion in real time offers unrivaled credibility with local law enforcement. As a growing number of municipalities pass Verified Response regulations requiring verification that an intrusion is actually taking place before police dispatch personnel to the site, Sonitrol’s reliability has accounted for the best apprehension rate in the industry, at over 170,000 since 1977 —and the fewest dispatches for false alarms. Sonitrol offers integrated components to customize a solution that can expand easily with the growth of customers’ needs. Sonitrol’s trusted technology and responsive service provides peace of mind and a measure of quality unmatched in the industry. 

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