Florida-based retail chain enhances customer relationships with advanced communication technologies

Nov. 8, 2021
City Furniture leverages advanced communication technologies with iPads, including the Zello Push-to-Talk Application and Pryme Wireless Super Mini PTT Buttons

As a business renowned for quality customer relationships and recognized as one of Florida’s Top Work Places, CITY Furniture considers its talented team of sales associates to be its greatest asset. They continuously prioritize tools and technologies needed to elevate the guest experience.

CITY was determined to find a better way to communicate with their 2,400+ sales associates spread over half a million square feet of showroom space. Traditional communication methods left customers waiting while sales associates searched for answers or additional resources.

To address the issue, CITY piloted a new solution at select locations using a combination of iPads, the Zello instant voice messaging app, and wireless push-to-talk buttons from Pryme. 

After a successful launch, iPads with the Zello app and Pryme PTT Super Mini Buttons were deployed to every CITY Furniture location. Now, when customers come in with questions, rather than risk losing a sale while associates search for answers, Zello instantly connects team members as well as stores.

Rich Quarantello, CITY Furniture’s managing director of retail operations explains, "At any given time, the store may have 40 to 60 sales associates on the floor. The addition of these advanced technologies allows us to communicate seamlessly in real-time throughout the store or between showrooms, with a single staff member or the whole team at once. They provide chain-wide awareness instead of being siloed.”

Each associate wears a Bluetooth earpiece and carries an iPad bag with the wireless button Velcroed to the handle or a belt loop, leaving hands free to perform multiple tasks at once. With a touch of Pryme’s PTT button, sales staff can quickly activate Zello and respond to messages or access the iPad’s suite of technology without breaking stride.

“Better communication creates an environment of trust and enhances customer satisfaction,” adds Quarantello. “Because furniture is the third largest purchase in a lifetime, trust is key to building customer loyalty.”

CITY’s communications solution also helped incentivize performance and train new associates. For instance, they use Zello to celebrate sales contest winners live with the whole company. Or, if new hires need help, they simply message a manager via Zello without breaking the sales cycle. Zello and Pryme are also important for critical communications and shave vital seconds off response time during an emergency.

CITY Furniture has experienced higher employee engagement and lower turnover thanks to this integration and looks forward to optimizing its partnership with Zello and Pryme in the future.

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