AlertMedia launches unique emergency management software

Jan. 17, 2018
Organizations can now create Event Pages for specific events or incidents

January 17, 2018 -- Austin, TX -- AlertMedia, one of the fastest-growing emergency mass notification software provider in the world, has improved how organizations manage and communicate emergencies. With the launch of Event Pages, organizations can instantly link their employees to critical information via a dedicated web page specific to an event. While an emergency can be many things - a winter storm, natural disaster, power outage, or man-made incident - streamlining and centralizing communications can play a major role in improving the outcome of an event.

Organizations can now create Event Pages for specific events or incidents, allowing their employees to visit the single page for relevant updates, moderated employee contributions, and event-related resources like continuity plans.

“Our customers needed a better way to manage the lifecycle of an emergency,” said Brian Cruver, CEO of AlertMedia. “Instead of sending individual status updates to every affected employee, the company now manages one Event Page in our mobile or web application – a place where they can provide timely status updates, engage in two-conversations with the audience, and share action plans to ensure continuity and an appropriate response to an emergency.”

AlertMedia’s Event Pages provide a single online repository for everything related to a specific situation, with current and archived updates, documents, videos, photos, and the path to resolution of the matter. Instead of employees calling or emailing their organization or co-workers for information, they can visit the Event Page for details or receive instant notifications of any updates to the page. Individuals affected by the event can check the page as little or often as they feel necessary.

How An Event Page Works

Each Event Page is named and dedicated strictly to a single event. The event administrator can communicate the Event Page to segmented employee groups or the entire employee base via SMS text, app push notification, email, voice, custom channel, or all methods simultaneously. When employees receive the notification, they click on the provided link and are immediately directed to the dedicated Event Page. Event Pages promote a proactive audience by enabling employees to be able to participate and submit feedback, comments, photos, and videos for administrators to review, and optionally post to the page. When viewing an Event Page, the person will quickly see the latest status update and any other information shared by the admin.

The Event Page feature is the newest addition to AlertMedia’s robust communications platform. AlertMedia has modernized mass communications by delivering an easy-to-use software platform that helps organizations communicate around any event. AlertMedia enables enterprise customers such as DHL, AT&T, and Greyhound to send and receive unlimited messages with their audience via multiple channels, including custom channels that can be easily integrated using the AlertMedia API. Hundreds of enterprise customers in 80+ countries across all industries are using the AlertMedia platform to protect their organizations, automate operations, and mitigate loss.

About AlertMedia

As the fastest-growing emergency mass communications and monitoring company in the world, AlertMedia helps enterprise organizations securely and effectively monitor threats, streamline notifications, and improve employee safety across more than 80 countries around the world. The company’s cloud-based platform delivers communications that protect organizations, improve operations, and mitigate loss from any location, at any time, using any device. For more information, call (800) 826-0777 or visit