Viking Electronics announces 'Vin the Viking'

July 22, 2019
Vin the Viking becomes company’s brand mascot

HUDSON, WI – July 16, 2019  –  As part of its 50th anniversary celebration Viking Electronics is revealing a brand mascot named “Vin”. Vin is a tough but fun representation of the Viking brand and the 500+ products that bear its name.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve the security and communications industry for 50 years. We wanted to celebrate this milestone with a fun and personable representation of Viking Electronics. Vin represents the tough and battle-tested legacy that Viking is known for while also displaying the smart and straightforward nature of our communication solutions” said Mike Busby, Marketing & Sales Manager for Viking Electronics.

Communication technology is a fast-moving industry and Vin will become the personality behind the products and a permanent part of the Viking Electronics brand. Vin the Viking will be making his rounds on social media, the Viking website, trade shows, and newsletters throughout 2019.