Vismo and Exlog Global partner to enhance risk management and security for clients

May 30, 2023
Exlog will use the Vismo Secure Portal to conduct location-based risk monitoring of client assigned personnel.

New Jersey, 30 May, 2023 -- Vismo, a leading provider of employee tracking, monitoring and safety solutions, today announced a partnership with Exlog Global, a specialist in providing local knowledge, and geographical reach, to help mitigate risk, protect assets and save lives.

Exlog has deployed Vismo’s tracking and security solution to enhance how its global operations team accounts for the whereabouts and safety of client employees and manages risks for their clients. Exlog will use the Vismo Secure Portal to conduct location-based risk monitoring of client assigned personnel. This will enable Exlog or its clients to provide timely and relevant advice - or a rapid security response - for any employee who finds themselves at risk nationally or globally.

Says Josh Yardimci, US Sales Director for Vismo, “Our partnership with Exlog Global allows their operations team to enhance their existing global monitoring and alerting capabilities for their clients. With their subject matter experts ready to provide security, evacuation, or medical assistance, Vismo provides them with the ability to better locate and communicate with travelers in real time. We’re delighted with the partnership, and we look forward to delivering outstanding support to Exlog Global clients.”

Panic alert button

A key to the service offered by Exlog is the Vismo Locate & Protect App, which is quick to download and allows individuals to automatically share their location without forcing a regular check-in. With the app running in the background of the cell phone, it provides users with reassurance that assistance can be provided to their exact location in the event of an incident. If a user finds themselves in a situation of duress, they can raise a panic alert on the Vismo App which will connect directly to the Exlog operations center. 

Similarly, Exlog can notify a user or a group of client employees about a potential risk, using the mass notification feature via the Vismo Secure Portal. Exlog can provide guidance on how to remain safe and, if needed, security assistance to help protect those at risk. Utilizing the Vismo platform, Exlog can make risk-based decisions to support client users, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

Says George Taylor, Exlog Global President, “Our partnership with Vismo enables us to integrate best in class location and communications technology with our premier operations capabilities and risk solutions, to support organisational resilience, safety and security worldwide.”

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