Port Authority NY NJ expands use of Knightscope KEMS after life saving event

March 6, 2024
PANYNJ has expanded the KEMS Professional service to monitor its 11 K1 Call Boxes on the Bayonne Bridge for suicide prevention.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Knightscope, Inc., a leading innovator in robotics and artificial intelligence (“AI”) technologies focused on public safety, today announces that Port Authority New York New Jersey (“PANYNJ”) has expanded the Knightscope Emergency Management System (“KEMS”) Professional service to monitor its 11 K1 Call Boxes on the Bayonne Bridge for suicide prevention as a result of a lifesaving win with Knightscope.

PANYNJ initially rolled out KEMS system in December 2023 on the George Washington Bridge crisis phones. Police were subsequently able to respond to a distressed caller within 5 minutes of receiving a text alert and bring the person to safety.

The KEMS platform allows clients and technicians to better understand the real-time health and status of deployed emergency communication devices and receive immediate text/email notification whenever a help button is pressed. The cloud-based application provides system owners automated daily email reports on the operational status of their system rather than having to manually test each device in person as required by competitive products.

Alerts concerning issues, real-time error detection/diagnostics, and system performance statistics are delivered to the users to maximize system operation and usability.

Knightscope Authorized Partner Announced in New England

The newest Knightscope Authorized Partner (“KAP”) is located in the suburbs of Boston, MA. Structure Consulting Group, Inc., will focus on delivering Knightscope’s K1B line of emergency communication systems to its clients planning, building, and maintaining significant infrastructure projects.

The KAP program enables the Company to access a wider range of end users, boosting growth and revenue – a key component supporting its 2024 Roadmap to Profitability. KAP agreements are limited to established resellers that focus on serving U.S. customer facilities.

Approved KAPs can identify end users best suited for Knightscope’s technologies and generate contracts quickly. Structure Consulting Group works closely with clients in telecommunications, energy, government and transportation. They were so enthusiastic about the new partnership that they immediately purchased a Knightscope K1 Blue Light Emergency Phone to be used as a sales demo unit.

Knightscope’s E-Phones boost safety by delivering enhanced wireless connectivity to critical services such as police, fire and EMS through a one-touch, ADA compliant device. Coordinated and efficient response is achieved with pinpoint accuracy since the exact location of each device is known, ensuring the well-being of those choosing to use the E-phones instead of cellular devices when geographic familiarity is a challenge, cellphone batteries are dead or carrier coverage is limited.

Those interested in becoming a KAP are encouraged to email [email protected].