Knightscope deploys 37 emergency communication devices at Rio Hondo College

April 30, 2024
The blue light towers are powered by integrated solar panels and work in all weather conditions.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Knightscope, Inc. today announces the deployment of 37 K1 Blue Light Towers at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California. These fully wireless systems require no expensive infrastructure as they are powered by integrated solar panels, and all equipment is covered under a full-service maintenance plan, which begins after the initial one-year warranty period.

College and university officials prioritize campus safety to ensure a secure and enjoyable environment for students, faculty and visitors. Emergency communications play a vital role in in that mission by providing an extra layer of protection with reliable, one-touch access to services such as police, fire and EMS. Those on campus at Rio Hondo are encouraged to use the new Blue Light Towers without hesitation in times of danger, personal crisis, medical emergencies, to report suspicious behavior or activities, or for accidents.

Knightscope’s modern blue light emergency phones and call boxes are also the key to curing an overconfident dependence on cell phones. Many people may not have (or simply may not be carrying) a cell phone, the cell phone’s battery may be down, or there may be no signal in the area. Similarly, it is possible that visitors who find themselves in need of assistance may not be familiar with campus geography and landmarks, thus being unable to give emergency responders an exact or accurate location over a cell phone.

In extreme situations (e.g., a campus shooting or disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, wildfire, hazardous materials spill, etc.) cell phone users may also experience overloaded networks from too many subscribers trying to access the system during emergent situations when emergency access is most needed.

The familiar blue illuminated towers, strategically located across campus, are a very reassuring sight when emergency services are needed. They work day and night in all weather and even when communications are most congested. Blue light emergency phone systems also always report one’s precise location reliably, ensuring the expedited arrival of the appropriate type of help.


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