Texas high school selects Knightscope

July 10, 2024
The school district also subscribed to the Knightscope Emergency Management System service (“KEMS”).

Knightscope, Inc. today announced a new contract for its K1 Emergency Communication Devices (“ECDs”) in Texas in addition to a renewal of its full service maintenance agreement with the city of Mountain View, California, Knightscope’s hometown, for their network of emergency phones.

A high school purchased its first two K1 Blue Light Towers to improve the safety of its campus just south of Houston, Texas. The school district also subscribed to the Knightscope Emergency Management System service (“KEMS”).

Education officials prioritize campus safety to ensure a secure and enjoyable environment for students, faculty and visitors. Emergency communications play a vital role in that mission by providing an extra layer of protection with reliable, one-touch access to services such as police, fire and EMS. K1 Blue Light Towers are conveniently placed to provide a direct communication portal in times of danger, personal crisis, medical emergencies, to report suspicious behavior or activities, or for accidents.

In addition to the ECD connecting the user with live humans when needed, KEMS sends out immediate text/email notifications to a user-defined audience whenever a help button is pressed for an added measure of safety. The cloud-based application also provides system owners automated daily email reports on the operational status of their system rather than having to manually test each device in person as required by competitive products. Alerts concerning issues, real-time error detection/diagnostics, and system performance statistics are delivered to the client to maximize system operation and usability.

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